After 2 weeks of building your greatest designs, the results are in and let me say it was hard. With over 70 entries, it was hard to narrow it down to 5. These 5 cells are amazing in their own special way so here they are:

First - UnbanOrDDos
He created an amazing cell with a backstory to accompany it. Each part of the cell was made for a specific reason to contribute to the story. If you want to read the lore you can find it here.

Second - Bullmeza
With his amazing nether themed design, Bullmeza managed to fit so much detail in such a small space. From the nether portal to the dragon head, this cell was defiantly worth 2nd place.

Third - purplepigsfly
Yet another cell with a rich backstory, this cell design has a futuristic feel to it. Not only does it show style in blocks, but in sound and light too. This cell reaches different levels of design!

Forth - Luxisggwp
From Space to the Nether, we haven't yet got a homely cell. Well Luxisggwp managed to create the prisons most home like cell with its yellow theme and clever use of blocks!

Fifth - Rain_Chan
Finally we have a cell created to fit the theme of a tundra like environment. Yet another clever use of blocks, this cell deserves is recognition at fifth place!

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all those who entered with other amazing designs. Another competition will be announced soon so make sure you keep coming back to the forums! If the winners who have a an optional prize could contact me on discord with what you want, I can get Pat to give it to you as soon as possible!

Have a nice day!
Hey everyone! Today we are announcing the first build contest on the server. You will have 2 weeks to create the best cell design. To start with, there will be no guidelines for what you can create so make the most inventive and amazing cell ever!

So, how will it work?
Basically, once you have finished creating your cell design on the Prison Server, you will take some screenshots from any angle. You can take as many as you want and once you have done you will upload to the google forms post down below! Once the week it up, the google form will be closed! The cell designs will then be judged and prizes will be given to the top 5 designs.

How will it be judged?
It will be judged on effort and style. There are no guidelines as there is no theme to this event however in the future there will be!

1: Either an August Crate or Rare block of your choice within reason!
2. Yellow player glow.
3. A nametag of your choice.
4. 100% Legendary Crystal and 100% Cleanser
5. 100% Legendary Crystal

Submit your cell here: CLOSED
Form will be closed on the 16th of August!

Good luck!
Shakedowns are here! Shakedowns act as Envoys, but with a little prison theme. Shakedowns will be started in the yard automatically every 2 hours! However, there must be at least 15 players on for these automatic Shakedowns to start!

How do these Shakedowns work? Well! Once you head over to /yard you will see a new hologram that states when the Shakedown will start.
Once a Shakedown has started, 20 chests will spawned below the spawn! They will spawn randomly in a circle radius from the spawn island.
Once a Shakedown has started, everyone will have 5 minutes to gathers all of the chests!

These chests look like normal chests, however there are 4 rarities of chests! Just like our Crystals, you can find Common, Rare, Epic AND Legendary chests in the yard! These rarities will only be visible to you as a player by their firework! If these chests are not found they will shoot off a firework above them to show their location. This firework will either be White, Gold, Blue or Purple. These colors of fireworks are the same color as our rarities on our enchants!

You can find pretty rare stuff and never before seen items in these Shakedowns! This includes items like Ender Pearls, some...​
Hello everyone! Today I have a pretty decent update for you guys. Today we are introducing PVP (which came out on Thursday, don't tell anyone) and Prestige! That's right. You guys have asked for both and we finally got them!
Welcome to the Prison Yard! You can access the yard by typing the command /yard anywhere on the server! This will then transfer you to the yard server where you will be spawned in a safe area. Once you drop down, you will be able to fight other inmates also in the yard! Beware though! If you die, you will lose your items!

With the yard comes tons of possibilities, with future updates including lootable crates and air drops, bounties and more!

With this new addition, you will be able to track your gangs ‘Kill to Death’ ratio. So make sure you equip your gang members too!

You can use the following commands to see a gang OR player's Kills/Deaths/KDR!
/g player <playerName> - Will show you the stats of that player!
/g info <gangName> - Will show you the stats of that gang!

There will be future leader boards for these stats too, so make sure to keep an eye on them!

Of course with PVP, we had to add some weapon enchantments! We have added 5 total enchants that can be applied to Sword and Axes! These enchants can be applied the normal way an enchant would be applied to a Tool.
[Common] Drain - Chance to lower the food level of the player targeted.
[Rare] Head Hunter - Chance to drop the head of the killed player. Go collect your kill trophies!
[Epic] Disarmour - Chance to cause a...

That's right people! Get ready for gangs! Now, gangs are an essential part of surviving in prison. They are your family. They got your back. You'd do anything for each other. With your gang you can rise through the ranks, but be careful, rival gangs will all be fighting to emerge as the top JailBreakMC gang. Do you and your friends have what it takes?

How It Works

If you have a Diamond rank you can make a gang. However, anyone at any rank can be invited and join! Just the leader has to be Diamond rank.

Commands are as follows. To see them in game type /g help for the list.


When you join a gang you will be one of four possible ranks.

Member - lowest rank given to new players in the gang.

Veteran - higher than a member, but not quite an officer. You've proven your loyalty to the gang but are not quite Officer material just yet.

Officer - one of the gang's leaders. Officers can ally and neutral other factions, toggle friendly fire, and invite/uninvite members.

Leader - the head honcho and primary shot-caller in the gang. There is only one leader and they alone have the power to promote/demote members, kick members, rename the gang, set banners, and disband the faction.​

However, before joining a gang make sure they're where you want to be. Once you join a gang, your affiliation is displayed in chat for the whole server to see. Make sure you make the right call, or there could be dire consequences.


Player Glow...

We are excited to have made it to our very first update! First, we would like to thank everyone who has played up to this point and made JailBreakMC such a blast.

Bring on the Bosses
It is time to introduce our first boss. He's big, he's beefy, and he can take a punch. Anyone who manages to take him down will no doubt earn enough street cred to walk around the prison without fear. But first, you gotta take on the guard.

Boss Name:



How It Works
The Iron Guard boss egg can be purchased in the JailBreakMC store for $14.99 USD. Once purchased, the egg will go into your in-game inventory. Before you battle however, keep in mind a couple of things:

  1. The Iron Guard is meant to be a tough fight, so we recommend having at least diamond gear before attempting to defeat him.
  2. If you die in the Arena while fighting the boss, your items will be dropped. So clear that inventory before you make your way to the arena.

When you are ready to take on the Iron Guard you can warp to the arena from any spawn by using /warp arena. Once you're there, place the egg on the black stained-glass block ONLY.

The top 5 damage dealers in the fight against the Iron Guard will receive rewards in /rewards.

Possible rewards include seven total exclusive boss items, two boss exclusive name tags, one boss...
Hello! Thanks to the amazing @Jousseph and @WizardStakes we have an amazing player guide that will tell you all about how the server works! It may be long, but there is a table of contents, so you can go to a specific part you want to learn about. This player guide will be updated as things are added/changed, so make sure to check it out if you ever have any questions about how/what things are.

It's finally here! We're ecstatic to announce the official launch of JailBreakMC!

Play now at and also be sure to check out our Twitter at for announcements and bug fixes.

We would also like to thank everyone who played the beta and for your feedback and general good humor in working out the last few bugs :) Also, to all our beta testers, be sure to check out /rewards when you log in ;)
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new server JailBreakMC!

JailBreakMC is a prison Minecraft server designed to test your ingenuity, resourcefulness, and your fortitude.

Your journey starts in Alcatraz, where you scramble to gather resources, complete challenges, and build up enough street cred to advance to the next - higher security - prison. Whether your prison strategy is to go at it alone or gather a group of friends one thing is for certain; JailBreakMC is not for the faint of heart.

To help you along your journey, be sure to check out our forums and Discord.



Offence: Advertising
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Any attempt to draw players away from JailBreakMC. Includes but not limited to posting IP addresses, saying server names, etc. Excludes DoubleJump sister servers and larger servers like Mineplex & Hypixel.

Offence: Chargeback/Chargeback Threats
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Disputing payments made to the server or threatening to do so.

Offence: Inappropriate Skin
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Nude, nazi, or explicit skins. Appeal once the skin has been changed and you will be unbanned.

Offence: Hacked Clients
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Use, distribution, or advertisement of modified clients that provide an unfair advantage over other players.
This includes any part of a hacked client such as player kill aura, mob kill aura, x-ray, chest finder, etc.

Offence: Bug Abuse
Punishment: Discretionary (2 Days - Permanent Ban)
Description: Using bugs in the game for your benefit. Examples include any dupe glitches or bugs that allow you to get to otherwise inaccessible areas, killing players on your island, locking players inside of nether portals, etc.

Offence: Forgery
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Forging any documents pertaining to the server such as
sales receipts, Buycraft emails, support emails, screenshots for player reports, etc.

Offence: Ban Evasion
Punishment: Discretionary (Matched Ban-Permanent...