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    Huge Giveaway! Supply Box/rank and more!

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    9th October Update - Furnace Update!

    Seems interesting :)
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    /visit applecow14 for 100% crystals

    Thread should be under Deals and Trades. @ChumFu
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    Selling 100% Legendary Crystal

    Wrong Section Sir. Thread should be under Deals and Trades. @PsyKick
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    Willing to do up to $20 in irl deals

    Doing deals for straight PayPal in bannable, and also.. are you doing steam games? Or just cs go skins...
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    /Warp Mine Flaw

    But When I was in D1, I kept do /warp mine , but it kept warping me to B mine...
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    Cell Effects + cell height increase!

    Ooooh Well PatP Is the only one that's prestige soo. o_O
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    Cell Effects + cell height increase!

    I mean.. I like the Cell effect idea, and at first I thought it could cause lag issues, but since it's a different sub server than the mines, it should be fine. But for the cell height.. I would like an increase in cell height, maybe increase with every cell size increase. But increasing cell...
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    /Warp Mine Flaw

    I actually think this doesn't work with D mine though.
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    Will anyone repair? (NO SCAMMERS)

    Oh, I didn't even realize myself. @PsyKick Able to move the thread?
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    New /Reward Flaw

    Spamming left click in /rewards Would help a lot even :D
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    /Warp Mine Flaw

    I actually didn't know that. That'll be very useful. Ty ^.^
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    armore stands bugs

    I've actually had an annoying armor stand stuck inside the portal.. So whenever I leave, it shows up and annoys me.. Edit: Added photo of the annoying armor standing. Edit 2: Idk why it isnt working... Edit 3?:
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    No Chat Delay for Ranks

    Thing is..I've already seen a lot of higher ranks spam. They don't care, and just wait for more and more people to reach higher ranks.. It would just become chaotic.