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  • I was Banned by you. My brother's IGN: yuzuka1213 is the one you banned, and I didn't know that he was banned so when I went to log on, it said "You are Banned from JailBreakMC" "Reason:Ban Evasion (yuzuka1213{My brother})" "Banned By: [Staff] nacato" "Banned on: Jul-23-2018" "Time Remaining: Forever :(" I would love it if you could possibly think over this. I would really love to get back on that grind.
    Thank you Nacato for unbanning me, Much love <3
    Hi so my cell partner beastballa18 was banned for combat logging and I was just banned while I was mining and it says my ban envision was beastballa18
    Did you ever use the account bestballa18 ?
    Hello, so basically me and my friend have similar names (I'm ohmy5443 and he's ohmy4443), and I was just banned by you for ban evasion. I was playing and got banned for no reason, please unban me since I didn't do anything wrong and you got confused.
    This is the reason.

    Why I should be: I believe I should be unbanned because I wasnt going to kill him in real life, and I wasnt threatening him as I had no power over a helper (Empti) and he was streaming where he was pvping so I said because he has a good pick, 'sell me pick' 'Or I kill you' as I was going to kill him in the game. not intended as a real life death threat so I Thought this was a miss-understanding.
    I got banned today and I dont think it was fair and I think it would be worthy for an unban. this is the format,

    Username: KingAshley_YT

    Ban Reason: 'Death Threats'

    Proof: I dont have any pictures if that is what you want but I can explain and reply if you want me to.

    Banned By: nacato

    Why I should be: In a different thread so I can fit it.
    I mean like u did ur job but please id not sell my money (game money)
    bcs i wanted to rank up! like again sorry sir. i really didnt want to break rules but i was joking around

    -Greenhousedood (Its my Minecraft name)
    June 13, 2018
    I got Banned for an reason Illegal Deal But i did nothing i was making jokes before the paypal thing i mean like i dont even have paypal
    And man sorry for joking around like id like to ask can u remove the ban cause i watched Ssundee video and i saw this server thats why i bought minecraft but now i cant even play it anymore Please Sir.

    -GreenHouseDood (Its my minecraft name)
    June 13, 2018
    Hey I found something because of my slight, unofficial OCD but how do I send a snapshot
    Use Gyazo to screenshot a part of your screen.
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