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Jun 5, 1996 (Age: 22)

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Owner, Male, 22

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Aug 9, 2018
    1. AsheMayonnaise
      Yo Pat, mind restarting the server? All the players are complaining, it's been 1 day the server's lagging... You're in, but you are not doing anything. We are getting major lag spikes, which have a duration of about 3 seconds... Please, restart the server, it started getting on my nerves.
    2. Ultimate_man
      Hey pat do you mind helping me with my Birth Year, it should 2004 not 1995, I understand you are a busy man so if you could just get back whenever you can :)
    3. copprt
      hello it is not letting me get on the server its saying that it is out of date
      1. Bxkez
        You need to be running versions 1.8-1.12.2. Since 1.13 was recently released the server is not updated to support this version.
        Jul 22, 2018
    4. Blaxeturner
    5. D23pinfreak
    6. _Danielvalido
      Hey pat i have something to say , today (02/07/2018) something weird happened , i was playing , and randomly 4 dia picks , 3 dia shovels and 27 diamonds disapeared in my inventory , i was talking about that in the chat and some people said that the same happened to them , its weird , i know its not your fault or someone in the server *probably not* but i just wanted to report it so no one needs to pass that
    7. Natsu
      the sever keeps kicking me and saying "an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host'' an makes it to where i cant play so is there anything i can do stop that from happening or something you can do please Pat i love to play your sever its really fun.
    8. beastintux
      i gpot banned on pitforge is there anyway to unban me for charge back i didn't do
    9. coolnoon31
      i already spoke to a mod but he said he could do nothing
    10. coolnoon31
      today i loged on and went to my cell in my cell was nothing ecept for 2 sings saying there was a eror and to contact a mode to get my stuff back
    11. MrJukerx
      Hello i used to play on titanmc and i had a rank on it and bought some pickaxes is there anyway to get a refund for this or any other solution because the server went down
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      3. MrJukerx
        I get that it sucks but still they could do something to make i better for me like give me a rank on this server just to make it up for my side
        Jun 17, 2018
      4. KingNish
        TitanMC and JailBreakMC are two different servers. You don't just donate on one and expect to receive the benefits on the other just because the servers have the same theme.
        Jun 22, 2018
      5. OldNameWasBanned
        @KingNish What you say makes sense, but you have to realise that PatP was also the owner of TitanMC and when the server went down he did not say anything on any media (forum/twitter) and let everyone down. And now he just creates a new server which I'm sure will be let to rot after Ssundee finishes his series on the server.
        Aug 4, 2018
    12. SkidsRUs
    13. Mozi
      Pat i love u no homo
    14. campbell33136
    15. Kaikai
      i got reseted to a1 for some reason ??
    16. Pronoun
      1. sander likes this.
    17. oddish123
      pat have you seen my ban appeal, i thing i deserve a seconds chance
      1. sander likes this.
    18. Sprayish
      Happy Birthday Pat! i am a big fan of your servers and ssundee!
      1. sander likes this.
    19. Neshie
      Happy Birthday Pat.

      Get a drink, cherish this special moment.
      Don’t let it go to waste. XD
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    20. LimpBiscuit
      h a p p y b i r t h d a y
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    Jun 5, 1996 (Age: 22)