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    November 22nd, 2019 - Addition of "The Marketplace"!

    Hello everyone, today we have an addition for you that we hope you guys enjoy. The Marketplace We have gone ahead with the addition of "The Marketplace" which is an area of RENTABLE Markets/Shop areas for buying and selling goods to/from other players. Why Add The Marketplace When You Have...
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    October 31st, 2019 - Week Long Halloween Event & WEEKEND Store Sale!

    Hello everyone! Today, we have the start of a Week Long Halloween event that we will be doing! You can find all the info about the event below. 2019 Halloween Event We have started the 2019 Halloween Event on JailBreakMC and along with it, some new things have been added on the server that you...
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    October 17th, 2019 - New Crates & Bundles, GOD and GOD+ Cosmetic Prestige Ranks + Double Mine Drops Weekend!

    You can buy the starter pack, and then after purchasing that, you can purchase the Iron Rank to Gold Rank upgrade.
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    October 17th, 2019 - New Crates & Bundles, GOD and GOD+ Cosmetic Prestige Ranks + Double Mine Drops Weekend!

    Hello everyone, today we have some additions for your guys that we hope you enjoy! 4 New Crates We have added 4 New Crates to the Webstore for players to purchase! One of which is a LIMITED TIME Crate and will be removed after a certain time. [LIMITED] HALLOWEEN Crate We have added in a...
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    Resolved Clear inventory Issue

    Was resolved, and generally, including your IGN to reports is helpful.
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    Denied I didn't break any rules.

    Since when do people have to be told not to be racist? lol And yes, we can ban you after the fact. Because it's common sense as Jack said.
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    August 16th, 2019 - Season Pass #2 Begins + more!

    Season Pass #2 We are releasing our second Season Pass on JailBreakMC! For those that do not know, Season Pass has the same concept as other games (e.g. Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex, etc) which we will explain now. Unfortunately, due to limitations with the plugin, we are unable to offer a...
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    Accepted Ban appeal for IRachel_ that was banned by PatP

    Although this appeal was pretty bad, you have been unbanned. Try not to harbor thousands of items for people in the future, won't get another chance.
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    July 19th, 2019 - Level & Enchant Cap Raised, New Enchant, Prestige Advancements & P5 Mine, Gang Levels, 4 New Crates + more!

    Today we have a fairly large update for you guys to enjoy! A lot of this stuff has been requested for a bit and we're glad to finally add it. Level & Enchant Changes We have made some additions to leveling which includes raising the total level and enchantment cap, adding buffed up Level 2...
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    Denied Ban appeal

    You didn't cancel the Chargebacks.. You lost them after PayPal decided in our favor, there is a difference. You hacked, proceeded to deny it to everyone you talked to for a while, and then tried to Chargeback, on a server you were suppose to be staffing on. Do you only wish to get back on...
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    June 21st, 2019 - Double Mine Drops Weekend, PRIDE Kit & Crate, Name Tags Crate, Prestige Mine Buff + more!

    Hello everyone! Today we have some updates for you guys. We hope you enjoy them. Double Mine Drops Weekend We will be having a Double Mine Drops Weekend for this weekend! That means that you have DOUBLE the chance to get an item in your /rewards when mining. This includes all the mine drops...
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    May 31st, 2019 - Season Pass Addition, June Supply Box & Prestige Mine Buff!

    Hello fellow Inmates, it has been some time since we brought a bigger update to you. Today we are introducing 2 awesome long requested updates + June Crate to you. Prestige Mine Buff Since quite a few of our Top Players mentioned that the P - Mine didn't live up to its standards anymore we've...
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    May 24th, 2019 - Anniversary Sale, Crate AND Giveaway + New Trade Master Items & Rod Enchants!

    Hello everyone! Today we have some small additions, nothing too crazy, hope you enjoy. :) JailBreakMC's 1st Birthday! JailBreakMC reached its 1 Year Anniversary yesterday! Thank you to everyone who has played over the last year and supported us along the way. Anniversary Sale From now until...
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    May 10th, 2019 - Trade Master Update!

    Hello everyone, today we have a small addition to the server for you guys to enjoy. We have added and made some changes to things on the Trade Master found at /spawn. Trade Master Changes/Additions Check out the change we have made to Trade Master. Mine Tokens We have introduced Mine Tokens...