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    March 18th, 2019 - Duels, 2 More Vote Sites, New TM Items + Supply Boxes!

    Hello everyone! Today we have a small edition for all of you PvPers or those of you that just want to show you're the boss around the Prison. Duels Today we introduce the ability to duel other players! Duels currently have 3 kits, Archer, Protection 4 Diamond & Iron. We also have 1 Arena to go...
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    You need to have a valid (paid for) Minecraft Java account. The server only runs on Java...

    You need to have a valid (paid for) Minecraft Java account. The server only runs on Java Minecraft made for Mac and PC. If you do not have an account, you can buy one from . Once you have that, all you need to do launch it up and be on version 1.12.2 or lower and join...
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    Resolved Ticket help

    Sorry for the delay, you have been unbanned. You should be able to join the server now.
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    Jan. 24th - Prestige Mine, New Kit, Crate and Glow!

    Hello everyone! Hope you're having an okay week. Today we have something you guys have been requesting for a long time, plus more! Prestige Mine The Prestige Mine is finally in the game! Please keep in mind this Prestige Mine is still a little in the early phases, so please let us know if you...
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    CounterSix for smod?

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    Holiday Sales Special, Limited Time Boxes + Events! (12/20/18)

    Hello JailBreakMC, hope you all have been having a nice Holiday Season so far! Today we bring you a community update instead of a mechanical update, meaning this is less new and more interactive. As you can guess from the title our Holiday Sales Special will be starting soon and @ReptileInsane...
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    New Mob Arena Map, December Supply Drop & Double Mine Drops Week!

    Hello everyone, today we have a small update for you guys. Hope you enjoy! New Mob Arena Map Sewers The Sewers map made by most of the staff team has been added to the Mob Arena! For those that do not know, you can get to the Mob Arena by using the /mobarena command when you have an empty...
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    12/01/18 - Mob Arena [BETA], Anti-Drop, Lottery and Advent Calendar!

    Hello everyone! Today, you may have seen some new additions to the server.. Well, here they are! Mob Arena [BETA] We have added a Mob Arena to the server! In this Mob Arena you will fight mobs with up-to 3 other players who also join that arena! How do you get to the Mob Arena? Well, you can...
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    Black Friday Special LIMITED Supply Boxes!

    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Today is Black Friday which means savings for all! Black Friday savings will be ending Sunday at Midnight EST.. Something else we have added will be also ending then! Black Friday Special Supply Boxes We have 3 new Supply Boxes for...
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    Resolved I bought Bold name style and it didn't give it to me

    @NitroSavage You already have the Bold username style... You did get it when you purchased it. Just like it says on the store, as shown here; "Once bought, set your username to be bold with command /colorme L" You haven't done that.
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    Black Friday Sales Special!

    This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the states which means Black Friday is right around the corner! We will be having a Black Friday Sales Special on the store beginning tomorrow. The Black Friday Special will begin Wednesday at 12:00am EST (tonight @ midnight) and go through Sunday 11:59PM EST...
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    Accepted I was banned for bots

    There is no reason to have that many alts at you based, besides to boost the /cell top. Which is not allowed. So please do not do that anymore. If you need to keep your base loaded, you can do that with 1 alt. I have unbanned you.
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    Using X-Ray Without Getting Banned - Locked
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    Can you please stop spamming the forums with useless posts, people get the deal. Submit a ticket...

    Can you please stop spamming the forums with useless posts, people get the deal. Submit a ticket and explain the situation, like you could have done the second it happened.