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    chat color

    Hey Wizzp, I can only speculate when it comes to your question. I'm guessing newer players don't have a noticeable chat colour because there is a risk of players joining with the intention of spamming or advertising for another server. There should also be an incentive to buy cosmetics that...
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    Denied YourBoyJimbo-Ban appeal

    Hey YourBoyJimbo, You can't appeal temp bans, you'll have to wait out your ban. In the mean while I recommend you checkout the Official Server Rulebook to be up to date with the current rules on JailbreakMC. Untamed
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    screenshot the folders I listed above. Make sure the pictures arent cropped!!
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    open the run application, type in %appdata% double click on .minecraft folder
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    Hey kokoladebboy, could you please remove the hack from your original post. We do not need to know which hack you used, we are interested in knowing if you have removed them since. Since you were banned for hacking could you provide us with uncropped screenshots of the following folders: -...
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    Accepted Accidental Advertisement

    Alright I'll take that as a yes. I've unbanned your account. Make sure to check out the official server rulebook to get familiar with the current JailBreakMC rules. Accepted
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    Accepted Accidental Advertisement

    Hey xZDeadShotZx84, Since Pika is no longer a member of staff I'll handle your ban appeal. There isn't any punishment history under the name xZDeadShotZx84. I assume your IGN is xZDeadSh0tZx84, could you confirm that for me?
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    Hey spicydanX30XZ, you are probably trying to connect with 1.15.2. In order to connect to the...

    Hey spicydanX30XZ, you are probably trying to connect with 1.15.2. In order to connect to the server you will have to downgrade your Minecraft version to 1.15.1 or lower. I recommend you change to 1.12.2 since thats the version Jailbreakmc runs best on.
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    Best way to make money in C mine.

    You can make some additional money by going to shakedowns. A shakedown takes place every 90 minutes and you can check when the next shakedown is by running the command /shakedown. Since shakedowns take place in the yard pvp is enabled and if you in die in the yard you will drop your stuff.
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    Denied ban appel by jarrodharris

    [DENIED] new ban appeal started.
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    Accepted Ban Appeal for crimeZeT

    Since you admited your wrong doing privately on discord and this being your first offence, I'll reduce your perm ban to a 4 day ban. ACCEPTED & LOCKED
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    Denied ban appel by jarrodharris

    Hey garbagetruck3 Please follow this format when appealing a ban. Since you were banned for hacking we also need screenshots of the following folders: - .minecraft Folder - Mods Folder - Version Folder - Resource Packs folder - Recycle Bin - Desktop Either make a new appeal or respond on this...
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    /claim isnt working

    /home or /cell isnt working because you dont have a cell yet. Run the command /claim and then you can use the commands you listed.
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    Prestige 1

    or you could check your prestige token balance by doing /token bal
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    Denied Ban Appel Please Unban

    New appeal created