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    Denied Banned for forgotten auto click

    You need to follow the correct procedure; include screenshots of the required folders. Read this read carefully then appeal again.
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    Denied Banned for nothing because i got lagged into the floor.

    Appeal abandoned; if you wish to be unbanned follow the correct procedure.
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    Denied Ban appeal : )

    The server can be played with 1.8 so you have to delete the 1.8.9 client then show me all your folders again. Also, delete the 1.12 clients as well..
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    Denied Named by my friends saying nagger

    You are not banned anymore.
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    Denied Ban Appeal (please read)

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    Ok boomer

    Ok boomer
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    Denied please unban me

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    Denied JustPoison's Ban Appeal

    no. do not appeal again unless I say so.
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    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    It might've been a mistake. You will be unbanned, but before going back please read the full rule list found in the rules section.
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    Resolved SERVER Glitch

    Hello, Message me on discord Youssef#0008.
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    Denied Ban Appeal

    You are not banned. - To play our server you need to have the java edition of minercraft and use any version between 1.8 and 1.14. (1.12.12 is the best experience). All other editions do not work, only Java. Once you have that edition, open it up, go to multiplayer, click on add server, put the...
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    Accepted Ban Evasion?