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  1. Miguel9738

    What do you E miners use for filters, if any?

    Hi! So about an hour ago of this writing I ranked up to E mine and I'm unsure if I should use a filter. If so, what should the filter be? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Miguel9738

    Taxes on the lottery. Why?

    Now, in the real world, lottery taxes make sense. Someone needs to build our schools and protect us and we should need to pay a small price for that. But, on a Minecraft prison server? It doesn't add up. For those of you who don't do the lottery, after you win a coinflip or win the lottery, they...
  3. Miguel9738

    How much do crystals go for now?

    Hi! So I've been offline for about 3 or 4 months now and decided to come back. What is the general price of common/rare/epic/legendary crystals? Thanks!
  4. Miguel9738

    Any suggestions on what to do to make my pick better?

    Hi! I'm looking for suggestions on what I should do to make my pick better since I really don't know. Here's what it has. Unbreaking 2 Explosive 4 Vein Miner 4 Super Breaker 3 Repair 4 Slots 1 Ore Extractor 4 I have 5.85 million at the time of writing this and I don't have a problem with...
  5. Miguel9738

    pBay! Your place to Buy, Sell, and Auction items.

    Welcome to pBay! The p is for prison. What is pBay? pBay is eBay, but on JailbreakMC! Here you can buy, sell, and even auction off items you've been wanting to get rid of. pBay is the cheapest way to sell your items because it's free! All on forms! How does pBay work? pBay is the easiest and...
  6. Miguel9738

    JailbreakMC | THE TIME HAS COME

    sub or i steal all ur minecoins
  7. Miguel9738

    JailbreakMC | I’M BAAACK

    Don’t ask. I’m back. Needed a break. WHY HAVE YOU NOT SUBSCRIBED YET?? sub or i will delete your roblox account. New videos every week probably.
  8. Miguel9738

    The Jailbreak Show! [1]

    This is a show where I talk about all things Jailbreak. This will air most likely once a week and will last about 10 minutes. Hope you enjoy! I apologize for the low volume for the first second or two.
  9. Miguel9738


    I'll teach you how to rankup in B mine fast. Yeet.
  10. Miguel9738


    I uploaded a new video. Check it out.
  11. Miguel9738

    My new YT video!

    Come check out my new JailbreakMC video! This video will be premiering November 4th, 2018 at 8:00pm Central Time! Don't miss it! Click this
  12. Miguel9738

    How do I post Mixer links in chat?

    I tried renaming it in an anvil to a link to my mixer (yes I do jailbreak streams) but it says I can’t lost websites. Is there anyway I could get around this?
  13. Miguel9738

    Thanks to the staff for doing this

    Don’t know if anybody has noticed this yet and I don’t se any update thread on forums so yeetus. They made it so the rewards page stays up even after you take an item. Thanks.
  14. Miguel9738

    Check out my Mixer for JailbreakMC livestreams!

    I will be doing a livestream every now and then (probably more like every day)! Come to hangout, chat, and enter giveaways! Be sure to follow to be entered into ALL giveaways I do!
  15. Miguel9738

    Ability to share Mixer links!

    I have noticed that links are not allowed on the server. Which I think is great. However, with this addition, comes some problems. I have also noticed that you allowed Twitch links. Perfect, 100% great idea, however, other links relating to other streaming platforms aren't allowed. More...
  16. Miguel9738

    Can you post Mixer links in chat?

    If you don't know what Mixer is, it's a different version of twitch. I was wondering, if I had a Mixer stream, if I could post a link to it in chat if I was playing JailbreakMC? A timely response would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Miguel9738

    Not complaining just wondering

    So recently I was muted for character spamming. No big deal, the mute is over and it was a simple 10 minutes. I understood I shouldn't have but I assumed it would be okay as long as I wasn't doing it consistently. Keep in mind I did this once. Once. So someone logged onto the server and said...
  18. Miguel9738

    500 posts, I guess...

    So apparently I have 500 posts. Didn't even realize this until Anonymous said it in a thread. REEE. Not sure where the post leaderboard is though.
  19. Miguel9738

    COSMETICS FOR SALE! /visit Miguel9738!

    I have a whole mess full of cosmetics for sale @ /visit Miguel9738! They are all fairly priced so you should check it out. Here is what I have and the prices. BOSS EGG: Iron Guard MAKE OFFER Pro Miner Nametag 500k EZ Nametag 550k Dark Grey Player Glow MAKE OFFER For all items that have...
  20. Miguel9738

    New forum look?

    I just would like to say I like the new look of the forums. Want to say your own opinion? Comment down below!