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    Forums' Signatures! (Free for the time being)

    Squishy Nishy!<3 c: Background - Purple and black Text - Kay with mod somewhere Font - Something simple.
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    I can't if I didn't ban you.

    I can't if I didn't ban you.
  3. Kay

    Denied Racism

    We do not accept cropped images. Locked.
  4. Kay

    Its not even letting me add the server. Help. (Solved)

    Since the issues resolved I'll lock this.
  5. Kay

    fav beta staff tbh

    fav beta staff tbh
  6. Kay

    Hi Im coming back (hopefully)

    Welcome back. owo
  7. Kay

    Resolved achievements

    Since you've completed all the advancements you'll have to either mine or sell items to have enough money. They're not meant to pay for you to rank up all the way out of the ward, they're to help you out a bit. Locked.
  8. Kay

    You need a premium minecraft account and the java version.

    You need a premium minecraft account and the java version.
  9. Kay

    Denied Ban Appeal

    When you join the server you are expected to follow the rules on the server even if you're new. It's not our fault you didn't read the rules. It's only a day ban you can wait it out and while you do that feel free to look over our rules. -...
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    Accepted Bots

    Will be dealt with, thanks. Locked.
  11. Kay

    I Cannot Get On The Sever!!! Help!

    Locking since issue has been resolved. (: Locked.
  12. Kay

    Weren't you Titan staff?

    Weren't you Titan staff?
  13. Kay

    Denied Harrasment

    Not enough for a punishment. Locked.
  14. Kay

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Another appeal was made. Denied. Locked.
  15. Kay

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Please include uncropped screenshots of the following folders. - .minecraft Folder - Mods Folder - Version Folder - Resource Packs folder - Recycle Bin - Desktop If it says the file is too big to upload use imgur.
  16. Kay

    Denied I got banned from the discord server.

    Please use the proper format. You were banned for advertising by Counter. 1. Username: 2. Ban Reason: 3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: 4. Who were you banned by: 5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned:
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  18. Kay

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    I spoke to Cake. "Hello there DDDexter. When a Staff member tells you to do something, you listen. You do NOT continue, even if it is a small conversation afterwards, however I am very glad to hear an incident like this will not happen again; since I'm hoping you have learnt your lesson over...
  19. Kay

    Denied I dont know what i was banned for i was banned for harassment

    Here's the report on you, wait it out. - Denied. Locked.
  20. Kay

    Accepted chat

    Will be dealt with, thanks. Locked.