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  1. Pat

    Resolved Clear inventory Issue

    Was resolved, and generally, including your IGN to reports is helpful.
  2. Pat

    Denied I didn't break any rules.

    Since when do people have to be told not to be racist? lol And yes, we can ban you after the fact. Because it's common sense as Jack said.
  3. Pat

    August 16th, 2019 - Season Pass #2 Begins + more!

    Season Pass #2 We are releasing our second Season Pass on JailBreakMC! For those that do not know, Season Pass has the same concept as other games (e.g. Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex, etc) which we will explain now. Unfortunately, due to limitations with the plugin, we are unable to offer a...
  4. Pat

    Accepted Ban appeal for IRachel_ that was banned by PatP

    Although this appeal was pretty bad, you have been unbanned. Try not to harbor thousands of items for people in the future, won't get another chance.
  5. Pat

    July 19th, 2019 - Level & Enchant Cap Raised, New Enchant, Prestige Advancements & P5 Mine, Gang Levels, 4 New Crates + more!

    Today we have a fairly large update for you guys to enjoy! A lot of this stuff has been requested for a bit and we're glad to finally add it. Level & Enchant Changes We have made some additions to leveling which includes raising the total level and enchantment cap, adding buffed up Level 2...
  6. Pat

    Denied Ban appeal

    You didn't cancel the Chargebacks.. You lost them after PayPal decided in our favor, there is a difference. You hacked, proceeded to deny it to everyone you talked to for a while, and then tried to Chargeback, on a server you were suppose to be staffing on. Do you only wish to get back on...
  7. Pat

    June 21st, 2019 - Double Mine Drops Weekend, PRIDE Kit & Crate, Name Tags Crate, Prestige Mine Buff + more!

    Hello everyone! Today we have some updates for you guys. We hope you enjoy them. Double Mine Drops Weekend We will be having a Double Mine Drops Weekend for this weekend! That means that you have DOUBLE the chance to get an item in your /rewards when mining. This includes all the mine drops...
  8. Pat

    May 31st, 2019 - Season Pass Addition, June Supply Box & Prestige Mine Buff!

    Hello fellow Inmates, it has been some time since we brought a bigger update to you. Today we are introducing 2 awesome long requested updates + June Crate to you. Prestige Mine Buff Since quite a few of our Top Players mentioned that the P - Mine didn't live up to its standards anymore we've...
  9. Pat

    May 24th, 2019 - Anniversary Sale, Crate AND Giveaway + New Trade Master Items & Rod Enchants!

    Hello everyone! Today we have some small additions, nothing too crazy, hope you enjoy. :) JailBreakMC's 1st Birthday! JailBreakMC reached its 1 Year Anniversary yesterday! Thank you to everyone who has played over the last year and supported us along the way. Anniversary Sale From now until...
  10. Pat

    May 10th, 2019 - Trade Master Update!

    Hello everyone, today we have a small addition to the server for you guys to enjoy. We have added and made some changes to things on the Trade Master found at /spawn. Trade Master Changes/Additions Check out the change we have made to Trade Master. Mine Tokens We have introduced Mine Tokens...
  11. Pat

    May 4th, 2019 - May Supply Box, Personal Block Counts BETA, Small Gang Changes + more!

    Some people just care about knowing how many blocks they have broken.. It's simply another statistic that some, probably not all, players care about. Thanks, should be fixed.
  12. Pat

    May 4th, 2019 - May Supply Box, Personal Block Counts BETA, Small Gang Changes + more!

    Yeah.. Can't count for stuff before the plugin was added, it has no clue what happened before then.
  13. Pat

    May 4th, 2019 - May Supply Box, Personal Block Counts BETA, Small Gang Changes + more!

    Monthly Supply Box - May It's a new month and that of course means a new Supply Box with new items! The April Supply Box has been removed from the webstore and we have added the May Supply Box for the month. Want to know what is possible to obtain in the new Supply Box? Click the spoiler below...
  14. Pat

    April 5th, 2019 - Prestige Cell Upgrades, IRON Rank, Miners CRATE + more.

    Hello everyone, today we have some more small additions/changes for you guys to enjoy. Prestige Cell Upgrades (Prestige Cell Upgrades have been disabled until Monday, April 8th, due to a BUG with them. During this time, it will state you DO NOT have permission for the upgrade, this is intended...
  15. Pat

    Accepted ThatGuyLogi Bam Appeal

    Unbanned. Please make sure to read the rules to prevent this type of thing again.
  16. Pat

    March 29th, 2019 - Chat Colors, April Supply Box, New Name Tags & Kit + more!

    Hello everyone! Today we have a couple small additions on the server for you guys to enjoy. Make sure to read the whole thing and answer the question at the bottom. <3 Chat Colors We have introduced chat colors to the server as a new cosmetic perk for users to enjoy! Each Donor Rank has their...
  17. Pat

    March 18th, 2019 - Duels, 2 More Vote Sites, New TM Items + Supply Boxes!

    Hello everyone! Today we have a small edition for all of you PvPers or those of you that just want to show you're the boss around the Prison. Duels Today we introduce the ability to duel other players! Duels currently have 3 kits, Archer, Protection 4 Diamond & Iron. We also have 1 Arena to go...
  18. Pat

    You need to have a valid (paid for) Minecraft Java account. The server only runs on Java...

    You need to have a valid (paid for) Minecraft Java account. The server only runs on Java Minecraft made for Mac and PC. If you do not have an account, you can buy one from . Once you have that, all you need to do launch it up and be on version 1.12.2 or lower and join...
  19. Pat

    Resolved Ticket help

    Sorry for the delay, you have been unbanned. You should be able to join the server now.