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  1. 0rbas

    Prestige Only Quests?

    We need more things for prestige, like maybe quests that give us special items or something that we can only do once per prestige.
  2. 0rbas

    I am very late.. 0rbas's introduction.

    Hello there!! I'm 0rbas and you may know me from my YouTube videos I have done on the server: What happens when you prestige, A view of all the mines and abilities, The Best Way to Make Money - Mines A-F. I was the second person on the server to prestige (Galorian was first) but I just have not...
  3. 0rbas

    What happens when you PRESTIGE?!

    *This is a link to the thread if you have not seen it* Im not post farming, its just that some people dont look at the "media" section so im just linking if they are curious to see what happens and whether its worth it
  4. 0rbas

    What happens when you PRESTIGE?!

    Hope you enjoy or find usefull!!
  5. 0rbas


    Maybe we can have events like blocks broken, or somthing idk, but global events to spice things up abit and to add somthing new
  6. 0rbas

    The BEST way to make money!! (ALL MINES)

    So I have uploaded a video on the best way to make money in each mine, however because i posted it in the MEDIA section, not many people will look at it, here is a link to that thread that has the video in it. Hope you enjoy :D...
  7. 0rbas

    Crystals in /rewards to be removed/toggled

    Please... remove the feature where the crystals go into your /rewards... i hate it. 90% of the people in high mines hate it. Yeah ok its ok for people in low mines but it is litteraly usless for people like me, then i spend my entire life clearing it to get the boss thing or the dam advancements.
  8. 0rbas

    Auto Sell - new enchant

    Auto sell, self explanatory it think, while holding the pick it has a chance to sell blocks in your inv, the higher the level the more blocks it will sell.
  9. 0rbas

    Buff mine F

    So as you know F is the final rank. But not many of you know what it is like... and im saying it as it is, TERRIBLE. Literally E is much better... please buff F as it is not rewarding enough, like make red nether stairs or something worth enough I mean come on, the most expensive thing in the...
  10. 0rbas

    The New Glow Feature

    Hello!! So I have this problem (i think) where if I am using optifine then then it will glow the whole body. I tried not using optifine and that was fine, it just showed an outline. I have tried changing some settings but it still didnt change. As you see the first image is with optifine...
  11. 0rbas

    Item Showcase

    So, there's a thread similar to this but in simple: A place where you can show a bunch of your items, like /showcase will open a GUI where you can put things in there, it shouldn't take your items, you can style it any way you want and people can do /showcase "name" to see others. ORIGINAL...
  12. 0rbas

    Gang Suggestions:

    As you probably know, they have added gangs, now they are great but some things are missing. Gang chat Fix /g info so it shows every member online, not just the ones in your subserver /g members to see everyone in the gang Im not sure what else, suggest things in the comments...
  13. 0rbas


    Maybe we can have /stats or something, so we can view some stats about yourself! Maybe playtime, blocks mined, blocks placed, how much money spare change has given us (if we have used it) how many chambers we have looted, money all-together we collected. Can you name any more?
  14. 0rbas

    AutoTool - change to allowed mods?

    So i have looked at the allowed mods list and i noticed there was a mod called "autotool" that was not allowed, now looking into this mod in my opinion its harmless, I would call it a lazy persons way to mine. Its very hard to spot so you cant just go up to someone and be like "You have...
  15. 0rbas

    Changes to levels

    Im currently in E, and im level 35, thats the max though... so any xp i get from rewards in F is pointless, extend the levels and maybe add a /levels top, to see who has the max level? Could have possibilities for more things the higher the level i guess Edit: Maybe a level reset? so once you...