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    Denied Ban Evasion Appeal

    1 EhsanMajeed07 2 Ban Evasion 3 I was Banned for absolutely no reason 4 i was banned by LucyferAngel 5 all i did was visit someones cell because they said first to come so my cell will get $10k and i visited and got banned instantly. please today my birthday 3rd of september and i just wanna...
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    Denied Ban Evasion

    1 EhsanMajeed07 is my Mnecraft name 2 Ban Evasion 3 didnt do anything to deserve this punishment after all someone asked me to come to my cell 4 i was banned by LucyferAngel 5 i believe i should be unbanned since i literally did nothing except for visit someones cell,and I've recently bought...
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    Denied Ban Evasion Mincraft Name

    My Minecraft Name Is EhsanMajeed07 I Have Made This Post as in my last post i forgot to add My UserName Sorry If i bothered You
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    Denied Ban Evasion

    i've been banned for no reason at all and someone said in chat who would like 10000 the first people to come to my cell will get it i went and got banned from LucyferAngel for forever for no reason. And i'd love to be unbanned since recently i bought something on the jailbreak server