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    Accepted Sir_Trump, Verbal harassment

    1. Server (e.g Prisons/Cells): Prisons 2. Minecraft Username (of offender): Sir_Trump 3. Offense Committed: Verbal harassment, possible exploiting 4. Proof: 3 images are included here. About the possible exploting, what happened was I mined down to bedrock and I saw...
  2. Guess

    Accepted u1b - potential hacks

    1. Server (e.g Prisons/Cells): Prisons 2. Minecraft Username (of offender): u1b 3. Offense Committed: x-ray, fly hacks 4. Proof: I decided to turn my screen recorder on and watch this player for a while as I noticed they kept finding chambers right away and it looked like they were...
  3. Guess

    Accepted DarkDon1 - Verbal Harassment

    1. Server (e.g Prisons/Cells): Prisons 2. Minecraft Username (of offender): DarkDon1 3. Offense Committed: Verbal Harassment 4. Proof:
  4. Guess

    2,000 forum members!

    Just wanted to point out that JailbreakMC has just hit 2000 registered forum members! Congrats, that's awesome! Thanks for each and every one of you awesome members for contributing to the forums, a fun hangout for many of us players! :)
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    [Idea] Forum rewards

    To encourage forum activity, I’ve come up with an idea that I believe will help with it. What is this idea? Basically, whenever a new player creates a forum account they get a reward for joining, this reward could be 5000 gold, or an epic/legendary crystal. I’m open to ideas on possible...
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    One problem I often come across while mining is other players stealing the ores I mine or even not being able to get to them. I suggest to counter this we add an auto inventory plugin where these ores will automatically be put in your inventory when mined. This can be a toggleabble option for...
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    Resolved Enchantments lost

    I am not sure if this feature is meant to be here or not, but in case it is I will post a thread on it nonetheless. Bug: I was applying crystals to my pickaxe when I got an enchantment. I noticed the pickaxe was low durability so I went to combine it with another one. After I did this I noticed...