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  1. ReptileInsane

    Denied Tightss's Ban Appeal

    You are not being unbanned. Reappeal in 2 weeks, you were blatantly hacking.
  2. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban Appeal Rek_Toxicz

    You will be unbanned soon.
  3. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban Appeal, Again

    Your ban will be reduced to a 2 day temp ban. Have a nice day.
  4. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    You will be unbanned soon. Thanks for waiting.
  5. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban appeal

    You will be unbanned soon, this is your only chance.
  6. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Please just explain what your thought process was though for me. I really can't understand how you can do something like hacking, get demoted and banned and then think to chargeback. I am just confused why you would want to come back.
  7. ReptileInsane

    Accepted My Ban Appeal 7/6/2019

    You will be unbanned soon.
  8. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban Appeal RekToxicz

    I cannot accept cropped screenshots, please upload full images.
  9. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban appeal

    The fact that you lied countless times to try and prove us wrong to keep your staff position proves why you shouldn't get a second chance.
  10. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Has been discussed in a call. Will be unbanned soon.
  11. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Say "jokes" like that again on a PG server that has clear rules and you will be banned permanently. You will be unbanned soon.
  12. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Say "jokes" like that again on a PG server that has clear rules and you will be banned permanently. You will be unbanned soon.
  13. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Well you weren't banned for that, but thanks for admitting you did illegal deals. The reason you were banned for was due to you making a deal with a player to purchase adult images for IRL money. So, rethink your appeal.
  14. ReptileInsane

    26th April - Trade Master Update

    PVP Tokens PVP Tokens are a new type of currency we are introducing to the prison. It can be found from Shakedowns that happen in the PVP area underneath /spawn. Shakedowns happen once every half and hour which will be the opportune moment for you to grab some of this new currency. The amount...
  15. ReptileInsane

    18th April - New Spawn, Chat Unscramble, Auction House, Coinflip and More!!!

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all looking forward for Easter! Today we have an amazing update for you. New Spawn Firstly, we are BETA testing a new spawn that we have been working on over the past month. With this new spawn the yard, boss arena and spawn are all located in one world. The arena...
  16. ReptileInsane

    April 9th, 2019 - Easter Build Contest

    Hello everyone! Hope you are having a lovely April so far! Today I introduce a long overdue... Easter Build Contest It seemed fitting with the new prestige cells available and the older addition of having a second realm that we should have another build-off! So here are the guidelines you will...
  17. ReptileInsane

    21st February - Emerald Rank Added + Rank Glows + Giveaway!

    Winners have been announced! Congratulations to @Paper_stars for winning the Emerald Rank! and congratulations to @AlphaHusky0213 for winning the $20 gift-card! Winners have been given their prizes.