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  1. Jousseph

    Accepted harassment

    Server: Prisons Username: Convoulent Offense: Harassment 1d ban Proof:
  2. Jousseph

    Giveaway Winners!

    YAY! It's finally here! I'd like to thank everyone who participated <3 and special thanks to @Jing for helping me set everything up. ^^^^^^^^^^ Link with how I chose winners :)
  3. Jousseph

    Huge Giveaway! Supply Box/rank and more!

    Hello there JailBreakMC Community! Since I'm active again, I decided to do a HUGE giveaway! Before I say anything else, Huge Thanks to @Jing Helping me set this giveaway up <3 HOW TO ENTER: 1- Like this post. 2- Comment your Discord name + Tag. Example#1111 I'll add you as a friend if you...
  4. Jousseph

    My propper introduction

    Hello, amazing people of the JailBreakMC community! My name is Jousseph, here are somethings I think you might want to know about me. I'm 17 years old Joined DJ Minecraft servers since late titan (no one knew me), started playing Pitforge and moved to SyRealms were I became Moderator. Now I'm...