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    Server Economy

    Diamonds will be used so that will keep the value as is probably
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    Huge Giveaway! Supply Box/rank and more!

  3. Anonymous1683

    Resolved Multiple Ender Dragon glitch

    This is an ability not a glitch, it’s perfectly normal. This ability is called dragon storm and is available at lvl 35 (pertains to jailbreakmc) (Edit: read the question again, this really isn’t about norm MC this is about jailbreakmc just an FYI.)
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    Question to pat

    Touché my good sir. Touché
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    Make an appeal

    Make an appeal
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    IP adress

    You need version 1.12.2 or earlier to play
  8. Anonymous1683

    Player reset

    Only if you prestige unfortunately
  9. Anonymous1683

    Player reset

    I’m pretty sure you cannot be reset.
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    Resolved server connection problem

    Version needs to be 1.12.2 - 1.8.9
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    What’s up?

    What’s up?
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    12/01/18 - Mob Arena [BETA], Anti-Drop, Lottery and Advent Calendar!

    1.12 pvp as shields are available
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    Currently buying diamonds for $47

    @Kay Requesting thread move
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    Resolved Can't Connect To Server.

    Server down Resolved requesting thread lock
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    Resolved Cannot connect to the server

    As CallMeIsh said this is happening to lots of people let’s all just calm down. If you have anymore questions you can contact me on here.
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    You need to be in version 1.12.2

    You need to be in version 1.12.2