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  1. ReptileInsane

    I'm Quiitting Jailbreak MC

    Cya Bud
  2. ReptileInsane

    7th February - PVP Update & February Supply Box

    Hello JailbreakMC. Hope you are having a nice week! Today we introduce to you an updated PVP area, new enchants and the latest Supply Box! PVP Update The new updated PVP area is now smaller for more combat to be held. Fight in a broken down prison yard to try and earn loot from your fellow...
  3. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Legit look at the ban reason. It says message the staff that sanctioned the ban (aka Agent) when you are online. Why did you make an appeal. PM me anyway when you are around.
  4. ReptileInsane

    31st January Update - Store Updates

    Hello JailBreakMC community! Hope you are all well. Today we introduce to you new additions to the existing Gold and Diamond ranks! We also are delighted to introduce the new Accommodation Crate! Firstly, lets talk about all the new benefits that existing ranks will receive. If you have...
  5. ReptileInsane

    21st January - Voting Update!

    Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well. Recently, we decided to change how voting works on the server to add more variety into what rewards you can get for supporting us. Therefore we introduce to you... Trade Tokens So you are probably asking yourself, what are trade tokens? Well...
  6. ReptileInsane

    CounterSix for smod?

  7. ReptileInsane

    i agree

    i agree
  8. ReptileInsane

    Denied BAn APPeal

    You will not be unbanned as you clearly cannot take the punishment that was given with clear evidence. Appeal again if you wish to challenge this.
  9. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Re-appeal if you want to be unbanned. Deadly resigned and if you choose to I will handle the new appeal.
  10. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban appeal

    Reorganise your folders and reapply.
  11. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban appeal

    I need screenshots of my folders: - .minecraft Folder - Mods Folder - Version Folder - Resource Packs folder - Recycle Bin - Desktop
  12. ReptileInsane

    Accepted Frosted Final Ban Appeal

    You will be unbanned soon.
  13. ReptileInsane

    It will be on Minecraft

    It will be on Minecraft
  14. ReptileInsane

    I am. On skis.

    I am. On skis.
  15. ReptileInsane

    Working on the next big update w/ @Nacato

    Working on the next big update w/ @Nacato
  16. ReptileInsane

    Denied Ban appeal

    Denied. Appeal in a month. Swearing in your appeal explaining how you will be more mature is not being mature.
  17. ReptileInsane

    ree - anonymous

    ree - anonymous