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    Accepted Homosexual Slurs

    Hi im Zmonster12307, I met this player while i was thinking about what to put in my shop. Thanks for dealing with it! 1. Server (e.g Prisons/Cells): Cells 2. Minecraft Username (of offender): Qxezy 3. Offense Committed: Homosexual Slurs / Filter Bypass 4. Proof:
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    Chat Channel Suggestion!!!!

    10/10 would write again
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    Chat Channel Suggestion!!!!

    Maybe you guys could add a way to chat with your friends only, Kind of like /msg but like a permanent thing where you can do like /chat friends and it will make it so it sends messages to all your friends. Would be useful for gangs too. Ive seen this on other servers like factions servers and I...
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    Server Reboot ETA

    Can anyone tell me when staff think the server will be back up and running, Not trying to be rude here. I know what the staff here are going through right now. Thanks.
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    Ban Appeal

    nobody got banned the server is down
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    why the server isnt working?

    The server is down.