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  1. Nacato

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Rules are easily findable by doing /rules ingame. You could have also just asked me (because I was online) or other players. I will reduce your ban to a 1 week tempban. Please reflect on what you did Accepted
  2. Nacato

    What The Heck, WHY!!

    As mentioned above you either used public/free account that usually links up to a list of banned accounts or you were using a vpn ? So did you use any of those ?
  3. Nacato

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    You still violated the rules: Offence: Auto Mining/Auto Fishing/Auto Killing Mobs Punishment: Permanent Ban Description: Any sort of AFK/Auto-Mining/Fishing/Killing Mobs. Examples include placing something heavy on your mouse, using an auto-clicker, taping your mouse, or even using a hacked...
  4. Nacato

    May 4th, 2019 - May Supply Box, Personal Block Counts BETA, Small Gang Changes + more!

    WOOOW crazy update. Well done. Finally block counts
  5. Nacato

    Accepted Ban Appeal D23pinfreak

    You will be unbanned. Using a vpn will cause such bans. Accepted
  6. Nacato

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Yeah I just noticed the excessive amount too. You will maintain permanently banned without a chance to get your appeal accepted forever. I will see what money the items in your cell make and reset your mine rank which should bring some extra $ too. May you find another prison (or not) server...
  7. Nacato

    Denied Ban Appeal

    Well how will you do that ? like... how will you repay 8 Mil. Btw I took 800k from you already.
  8. Nacato

    Accepted IRL scammer

    Thanks for the report. Player will be dealt with Accepted
  9. Nacato

    Accepted faststingray98 Ban Appeal

    I have unbanned you. Thanks for appealing. Accepted
  10. Nacato

    Denied un ban me yo

    I am gonna deny this appeal. Appeal again in 1 Month Denied
  11. Nacato

    Accepted Racist

    After seeing what the player further wrote in chat I can assure that he was referring to muslims. Thus he was discriminating them calling them "bad people" and making up theories about them "invading" other countries. Due to that I will issue a 1 day ban. Thanks for the report Accepted
  12. Nacato

    Resolved Permission bug

    Should be fixed.
  13. Nacato

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Has been accepted. Don´t do it again. Accepted
  14. Nacato

    Accepted Ban appeal

    As the player that you scammed does not play the Server anymore I will reset your balance and take away the items you had on you. Have a nice day Accepted
  15. Nacato

    Denied Ban apeal for discord

    Not a sufficient reason for me to unban you. Appeal again in 1 week from now on. Denied
  16. Nacato


    It seems you are missing the point of some things that I am saying. I wanted to implement a E-F mine Mobarena where you get nuggets equal to the amount you would earn in E-F Mine. So lets say Emerald Blocks stay at like 250 nuggets for a stack. Now I do not remember the exact price for that but...
  17. Nacato

    Denied Ban apeal for discord

    You just mentioned in your last (Illegal Deal) appeal that you read the rules? Usually if you were able to search AND find the server rules you would have clearly seen the discord rules as well ?
  18. Nacato

    CounterSix for smod?

    I will close this thread now. No real meaning to requesting this as it is not up to the players to decide such matters. Have a nice day
  19. Nacato

    Diamond/Gold Rank Cooldowns

    Skyrealms is and will never be EULA compliant. JailbreakMC is the first Doublejump server that tries to comply with EULA