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  1. Pat

    Accepted I was banned for bots

    There is no reason to have that many alts at you based, besides to boost the /cell top. Which is not allowed. So please do not do that anymore. If you need to keep your base loaded, you can do that with 1 alt. I have unbanned you.
  2. Pat

    Using X-Ray Without Getting Banned - Locked
  3. Pat

    Can you please stop spamming the forums with useless posts, people get the deal. Submit a ticket...

    Can you please stop spamming the forums with useless posts, people get the deal. Submit a ticket and explain the situation, like you could have done the second it happened.
  4. Pat

    July 14th - /yard Shakedowns & Double Crystal Weekend!

    SHAKEDOWNS Shakedowns are here! Shakedowns act as Envoys, but with a little prison theme. Shakedowns will be started in the yard automatically every 2 hours! However, there must be at least 15 players on for these automatic Shakedowns to start! How do these Shakedowns work? Well! Once you head...
  5. Pat

    July 7th Update - PVP & Prestige!

    Hello everyone! Today I have a pretty decent update for you guys. Today we are introducing PVP (which came out on Thursday, don't tell anyone) and Prestige! That's right. You guys have asked for both and we finally got them! THE PRISON YARD Welcome to the Prison Yard! You can access the yard by...
  6. Pat

    Accepted Chargeback Ban Appeal

    You have been unbanned. It's common sense if you chargeback you get banned, but ya know. Whatever.
  7. Pat

    where is the download button

    If you're talking about to join the server... There isn't one? You join using a Java Minecraft account and joining through multiplayer.
  8. Pat

    The heck is this

    You can read about Secret Chambers in the player guide, found here.
  9. Pat

    Resolved Thought /Nametag was for chat....

    This is what it shows when you go to buy the name tag.
  10. Pat

    Resolved Thought /Nametag was for chat....

    You can see on the store.. When you click on your package, there is a screenshot.. And it's above their head?
  11. Pat

    Yeah, he is.

    Yeah, he is.
  12. Pat

    Uhh, yes? No one should be able to take an item from your inventory though.. Without you...

    Uhh, yes? No one should be able to take an item from your inventory though.. Without you dropping it to them. Scamming is allowed though, so if you drop it to them, or they take it from your chest (after you adding them to your Cell), that is allowed.
  13. Pat

    Accepted Homophobic Slurs Ban

    You have been unbanned.
  14. Pat

    Accepted Dont_Report_Me

    You have been unbanned, please no more f in maggots.
  15. Pat

    Denied Ban Apeal

    Well I looked in your chests and stuff, you were definitely duping. Sorry buddy.
  16. Pat

    Accepted Appeal

    You have been unbanned. It doesn't matter if it's in messages when it comes to that. I do not know whether it's a "joke" or not. Therefore, please no more "jokes" like that in messages. Thank you.
  17. Pat

    Important Official JailBreakMC Player Guide

    Hello! Thanks to the amazing @Jousseph and @WizardStakes we have an amazing player guide that will tell you all about how the server works! It may be long, but there is a table of contents, so you can go to a specific part you want to learn about. This player guide will be updated as things are...
  18. Pat

    Important Applying For Staff

    APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE APPLICATION! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Becoming a Helper Before applying, take the time to read this entire post, as it will help you further down the...
  19. Pat

    Denied Appeal.

    Denied. Leave ban appeals to staff, do not apply on them if they do not pertain to you.
  20. Pat

    JailBreakMC Beta Launch!

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new server JailBreakMC! JailBreakMC is a prison Minecraft server designed to test your ingenuity, resourcefulness, and your fortitude. Your journey starts in Alcatraz, where you scramble to gather resources, complete challenges, and build up enough...