4 Super Awesome Mega Exciting Fun Cool Suggestions


Accustomed Inmate
1. New loot inside of Chambers, while mining and finding chambers can be very cool and rewarding but when you keep finding and finding it doesn’t become all the exciting anymore (Especially not when you get 20% commons everytime) Don’t exactly know what you could add with a new chamber, maybe like a Mystery Bag and you could open it or sell it and Mystery Crystals or Repair Scrolls or Cleansers may come out and sometimes even a Rare Blocks such as vote crates and you could sell them. Ofc with this addition chambers may be very op but you could always make the entrance smaller.
2. Gangs. Gangs. Gangs. Gangs. Individual stats... INDIVIDUAL MINING STATS. Say no more.
3. Kinda very super tremendously repeatative but I won’t stop suggesting it until it becomes a thing.
/Rew claim all. Or when you take a reward out THE PAGE DOESNT CLOSE.
4. New ideas for Nametags (particles in yard)
Fireworks: Land the killing blow on someone and fireworks arise from the dead body.
Cakes: Land the killing blow on someone and cakes (can’t pick up) fly everywhere.
Zombie: Land the killing blow on someone and a zombie arises (just for looks doesn’t hurt you)
Flames: Land the killing blow on someone and flames spew out.
Could be more..
This is kinda like Hypixle Bedwars but idc :shrug:
Flames: Fire an arrow with flames trail.
Hearts: Fire an arrow with hearts trail.
Water: Pretty self explanatory
Bubbles: Like potion effects bubbles
Could be more but too lazy to write them all.
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