A balanced "Bountiful" enchantment for pickaxes


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As a classic TitanMC player I've always appreciated the callbacks and features from the classic prison that has been implemented into the server, which is why the enchantments "Smelting" and "Explosive" felt special to me, as they were donor pickaxes for that server, the only donor pickaxe that hasn't had a callback to yet is one with the name of "Bountiful Pickaxe"

When using the Bountiful Pickaxe, it would turn any block mined to the highest ore in that 3x3 area, for example, if you were in B mine and there was a area with red sand, sandstone, glowstone, gold ore, and an iron block, all of the blocks in the 3x3 area of the iron block would drop a iron block

Now, let me get this straight, it is very obvious this pickaxe ability never returned due to how OP it was, I mean, it made you millions easily!

With several changes, I believe Bountiful can be brought back as legendary enchant for Pickaxes.

The remade version of the Bountiful affect would work as the one from TitanMC, when activated, it will drop the best ore in the 3x3 area, instead of always activating when breaking, it will now be a chance, and play a noise when activated (perhaps the noise made when breaking gravel)

There will be 4 levels of Bountiful, and the icon for it will be an emerald.

Bountiful 1 - 5% Chance of activating
Bountiful 2 - 10% Chance of activating
Bountiful 3 - 15% chance of activating
Bountiful 4 - 20% chance of activating

Of course this can still be adjusted, however I believe this would be balanced.


Accustomed Inmate
-1 this woudnt in my opinion be beneficial, because also as a titan classic player it allowed players to make almost 40million a day, thus destroying the economy