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Is my shop op (pls say yes)

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Hello all! I am sure many of you know me by now. I run one of the best cleanser shops on the server currently (self promotion at its greatest) and I am currently in rank F1. My name is Ace_Of_Angels but I PREFER to go by either Ace or Angel.

I have made friends with many of you and assisted in many cell builds too such as NightbornePVP, Darkfile, Idolizing, Pizza325 and my own, of course. I take a fond interest in making cells and I only every charge 100k to 250k (depending on what you want because I will bring my own materials always).

I also have picked up a banner creation shop as some of you may have noticed by the however many banners are in my cell. I do custom designs that include but are not limited to: Icons, letters, gradients, scenery and so forth. So if you want to check that out be my guest.

I tend to AFK in my cell a lot so many messages go unseen and I apologize for that but I am almost always on. (Keep in mind my frivilous self still has a life aside from this).

Lastly, you may notice I never add people to cells, trust people easy, or give largley easily. I trust Pizza325 the most as he is my partner IRL so no need to ask me about why I trust him so much. I have also carried his lazy self from rank to rank. Gosh i am a god.

My point by this was to give all of you a bit of info of me and my personality on the server. Come say hello whenever you want. I am EST so keep that in mind when I might possibly be AFK in my cell.



- Ace_Of_Angels
You repair and renamed my pick for me for free :D and i buy most of your stuff. :D
Oh yea I also do that, I love renaming picks based off players names and their picks when they ask me to repair them. It makes them so happy afterwards since its for free.

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Yeah I probably spent over a million dollars on your cleansers. You helped me make a few nice gpicks so thanks!

Yea I do all cleansers up to 40% for 1.5k per % and then after its 2k per %. 65% and up goes for around 2.5k per percent but you have to message me for those as I keep them stored xD but yea, I seem to have the cheapest prices out of all the big shops who do like 2.5k for all cleansers.

Aside from that I am EXTREMELY happy you have found use in my shop! I hope most people can find something nice to buy!



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Welcome to the forums / server!
Enjoy your stay and feel free to message any staff member if you have any questions!