AnimeGirls gang recruitment

Leader: TheoDaDog
Member: iPose
Member: CronixRL
Member: HamboyPlayz

At least 2 hours of mining per day
God Pick(obviously)
God set (not required but it would be nice if you had one)

Please state your:
Average mining time per day:
Average time online per day:


Accustomed Inmate
IGN: itsNovo
Discord: Novo#4255
Rank: E2 (getting boosted to F)
Average mining time per day: Couple hours if i’m free
Average time online per day: Like 3-4 hours if i’m free

I do have a gpick and once I get to F i’m getting a gset with adv money. I have been busy somewhat recently though so i haven’t been on as much.

(sorry for bad quality typing this on my phone)
IGN: JaysonPlayzYT
Discord: DARLINGGG#0183
Rank: C1 (Planning Something to make easy rank on D1)
Average mining time per day: 2 or 3 hours cuz collecting gold ores and iron blocks
Average time online per day: 4 to 5 hours anytime anywhere but u can see me afk sometimes in c mine XD
Ign: AddyDaYTGuy777
Discord: Addy#1380
Average mining time per day:3-5h
Average time online per day: 6h
It matter what day it is I may be on more some day and may be less.
I Have a g pick and a kind of a g set but not really and I'm in d and looking for a gang.
I will lend you money and will be very kind.
Age:13 just to show you that I am not a 10yr old xD
Pls take this in heart I need a gang badly