Accepted Ban appeal for DoggosTacos banned by PoseFX

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1. Minecraft Username: DoggosTacos
2. Ban Reason: Ban Evasion (manyo2006)
3. Do you have any proof? I have played before he was banned, and I really like the server.
4. Who where you banned by: PoseFX
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: Because I was just having a good time, and then boom! I'm banned. I just want to play on the server...
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According to the staff member who banned you, you have a different account that is banned and you are using a different account to play on the server (not allowed).
So, I've gone to my friends house with my laptop, would that put my computer and account on his ip? (he is the guy who got banned and I am being accused of ban evasion for)
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