Denied Ban Appeal---LJK_Brothers

Minecraft username: LJK_Brothers
Ban Reason: IRL Scamming
Proof: No proof
Who I was banned by: [Staff} Youssef----September 22, 2018
Why I should be unbanned:(The reason that I am responding so late is because I saw SSundee's video and I decided to try to appeal my ban) I was setting up deals with players that I would buy them the player names and pets. I collected money from 3 or 4 people and I was working on buying the items and then people got angry because I didn't get them to them immediately. I tried to explain to them to give me an hour or 2 because my PayPal was all messed up. The people reported me (assumingly) for IRL Scamming., I was not trying to scam the players for money. I was just having technical errors difficulties. Youssef confronted me in my cell and I explained to him that I was still trying to get the stuff and figure out how to get it to the players. He said too bad and banned me. The players had not given me any IRL money, just in game money. I had the intentions to buy them their stuff once I figured my PayPal out. I SHOULD BE UNBANNED BECAUSE I HAVE THE INTENTIONS TO STILL GIVE THE PLAYERS IN GAME MONEY BACK AND TO BUY THEM THEIR ITEMS. Thank you for understanding