Accepted Ban Appeal

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Username: Shadowsnipez
Reason of Ban: Illegal Deal
Proof against being accused: Nope ( unless if the guy who offered me the deal backs me up forgot his name tho)
Banned by: Pika_Punch
Why do I think I should be unbanned: I got asked by some random player if I have cash enough to do Irl deal. He asked me how much for maximum and I replied 40$. He said to me he can do an deal of 40$ in exchange of 3 million so I just asked the chat if it worth to do a deal because I was not sure yet if I should do a deal and boom. I got banned for just asking if it worths to do a deal. Oh the deal is like 40$ worth of items in store btw I don't know what he was planning on buyin cuz I got banned before he says the items he wants me to buy it for him but for a fact I know, he said something like 2 crates (monthly). I did not even plan on doing Illegal deals and I promise that. I think this is enough reason for me to be unbanned. I am positive that Pika_punch was not sure if it was Irl deal or illegal so just incase I bet he banned me but I feel like banning people forever without 100% sure is too much. Sadly I am banned forever atm #cri. anyways, thx. And also, give me advice how to avoid from this accident to occur again.
-by Shadowsnipez
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Sorry Shadow, I thought you were asking for $40 for in-game currency. This is my mistake, I'll lift the ban.

Appeal accepted.

PS. I've been gone for a bit so sorry for the late response
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