Denied Ban Appeal

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user: xX_JacobPlayz_Xx
Banned for xray.
Reason for Ban:I wasn't hacking. it did look extremely fishy, but I dug down where I normally start and I found the chamber. so naturally I got excited and grabbed the contents before being banned for xray :(.
Banned by Zagrid.
I have played fairly the few hours that I have played on the server, and to be banned for something I did not do is unjust.


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Since you were banned for cheating you need to include screenshots of the following uncropped.

- .minecraft Folder
- Mods Folder
- Version Folder
- Resource Packs folder
- Recycle Bin
- Desktop


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You edited your versions folder on the exact day that you sent your first screenshots. Would you like to admit that you were using a hacked client or make up some excuse?
im not the type of person to lie. ive achieved staff member ranks on other servers and i always help when necessary the only time i ever got banned from a server is when i gave my laptop to a friend, who then downloaded mods and abused them. when i found out i deleted the files and vowed to 1. never give my account away to anyone, and 2. never download or use hacks of any sort. you may not beleive me and that is up to you. i know what i have done, and hacking is not it


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This issue is that I know you were hacking and this isn't my first ban appeal. Everyone tries to make the excuse "I needed to change this to do this" I never believe it since the appeal is made literal minutes after the changes. So I will wait until you are honest. If you do some research on older appeals the honest people get unmanned quicker than dishonest.
but im not lying. my brother got banned because they thought he was hacking. he got unbanned shortly after because he proved he wasnt hacking. hes done the same thing that i have. so why is it suddenly apparent that im haking because the folder was updated. just cause it was updated doesnt mean its because i deleted files from my computer. honestly i couldnt be bothered anymore. if your going to permanently ban someone for something that they didnt do. You should really question why your even hosting a server. good bye, you decide wether to unban me or not, because im not responding anymore.
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