Accepted Ban Appeal

1. Minecraft Username: BIRDBOSS3000 (currently changed to BIRDMAN9999)
2. Ban Reason: Hacked Client (KillAura)
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: The video that was used as a proof clearly shows that the reporter was using a fake hacker plugin (see details in #5).
4. Who were you banned by: Its_Lexie
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: I never had KillAura. It was on June 10th when I was playing on the server and got reported as a "hacker". That time I was just checking what did the shop do. I saw a player walk past me. Next day when I tried to login again I found out that I was banned because of KillAura hack which I never heard about. That time I did not know about ban appeals.

Recently I just remembered about your server and tried to login again, but I was still banned. I decided to find out why I got banned. I searched the forum and found the post where I was reported as a "hacker": I checked the video and noticed some strange messages in the chat:
"littlerungo is no longer the fakehacker!
"WigitQigit is now the fakehacker!
"rhinoquinnminer is now the fakehacker!
"BIRDBOSS3000 is now the fakehacker!

Please check video at 0:23-0:24:

I checked online and found that there is a "hacked client called "fake hacker" that allows the user to make a player look like they're using Kill Aura"... Please see the forum thread and a video for a similar hack below:

1. Forum of SpigotMC:

2. Youtube video:

Although video has a different message, it still has the same effect. So I guess it's either a different version, or a similar hack.

Another strange thing that I found is that the reporter of my "hack" SeriousVortex joined on June 10th, reported two people (me and GrumpyBrit) for the same reason and was not seen since June 11th. If you check the Youtube channel that SeriousVortex used to report us (channel Hkfo 341 -, it has only those two videos.

Although I don't know GrumpyBrit, but because I got ban by the same person and I did not use KillAura, I believe that GrumpyBrit is also got false reported.

Since I never used KillAura, and I think SeriousVortex was just testing the "fakehacker" hacked client works using us as guinea pigs, could you please unban us both?

Thank you for reading this long appeal.


- .minecraft Folder
minecraft folder.png

- Mods Folder
mods folder.png

- Version Folder
versions folder.png

- Resource Packs folder
resourcepacks folder.png

- Recycle Bin
recycle bin.png

- Desktop
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I just realized that when you ask about Mods fiolder you are likely looking for the folder that has mod jar files. My version of Minecraft has mods grouped by MC versions. I think that I was using 1.12.2 in June, so I'm addin screenshot for mods\1.12.2 folder below.

- Mods Folder for 1.12.2
mods 1.12.2 folder.png

BTW, I noticed that when you play Youtube video in the post it's blurry, so it is hard to read the messages in the chat window. The quality is much better if you open this video on Youtube.

Please let me know I there is anything else that can help to resolve this.

Thank you in advance,



Accustomed Inmate
Thank you for clarifying this for me. I should have noticed! You will be unbanned shortly, and I will keep a closer eye out on players forging evidence.

~ Accepted