Accepted Ban Appeal

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1. Minecraft Username: Leno_Joker
2.Ban Reason: Illegal Deals
3.Ban Reason: I was doing a irl deal two iron golem boss eggs for my gpick.
4.Who were you banned by: Pika_Punch
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: I think i should be unbanned because i was accused of something i did not do. The person who was doing the deal with me (two iron golem boss eggs for my gpick. He evern said he needed a pick.) He accepted the deal and bought one of the iron golem eggs when he coudn't buy the second one he said he would send me the money on paypal. I even told him irl deals are prema ban and we went on when i said my paypal. It kept saying do not advertise other ip addressess. That was when Pika_Punch msged me. I still dont undertand the "illegal deal" part so please message me back on discord i already msged you.
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So you admitted you did an illegal deal? You can't send money on paypal for in-game items and that's the rule. It doesn't matter if they couldn't buy the item for you, this is not allowed whatsoever.

If you agree never to do an illegal deal like this then I will lift your ban, but be warned that doing deals for personal gain is considered illegal and bannable, next time is perm with no appeal.
I did not know it was a rule, also the other person agreed to it so i thought it was ok. I am sorry for not obeying the rules and i agree to never do a illegal deal again. (Question: Am i still in C mine and do i have my stuff and my cell?)


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Since Pika is not staff any longer I will handle this appeal. It seems like you guys already went through everything and he just forgot to unban you so I will do that now. Be aware, if you ever do an illegal deal again you will never be unbanned. If you have questions about what is an illegal deal and what is not just message a staff member, and yes you still have your ranks and stuff.
Have a nice day! :)
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