Denied Ban Appeal

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1. Minecraft Username: LegendSilver101
2. Ban Reason: Irl Scamming
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: My proof is that it shows on my Minecraft screen, and the dude who banned me placed a player report
4. Who were you banned by: I was banned by Nacato
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned because I love this server and I regret irl scamming so much and I will never do it ever again. And please give me a second chance. Also I will repay the 8 mil ASAP.
What is the point in the ban when another staff member just unbans the user and allows the scams to continue?

EDIT by Nacato: The thing about this is that he (and I am quite sure of that) repaid atleast 3 of those. We do not simply unban because we think the appeal is good. We want to be assured he pays it back. But seeing that he simply doesn‘t learn his lesson this was his last chance.
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I may not have any say in this matter but after seeing that you have been scamming people in real life countless times i would have to disagree of you being unbanned and the reason of this is that the amount of times you have scammed shows that you do not learn your lesson. yet this is not ofsly up to me.


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Yeah I just noticed the excessive amount too. You will maintain permanently banned without a chance to get your appeal accepted forever.
I will see what money the items in your cell make and reset your mine rank which should bring some extra $ too.

May you find another prison (or not) server where you can scam on.

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