Denied Ban appeal

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1. xFlakex
2. Hacked Client
3. No, Just For No Reason
4. [Staff] Jackzter2000
5. Because I quietly dug in the mine, the mine was refreshed, and I randomly dug down and found a chamber. Then he began to dig from the bottom, as usual, and flew a ban. Please broken, please birthday soon!


Staff member
I watched and recorded you for quite a while. over this time I saw you find countless chambers and signs of freecam before you found them. throughout watching you I also saw you using auto-tool which is prohibited on JailBreakMC, not to mention the countless number of people that have told me you are hacking and have been finding chambers back to back. remember I am your only ticket to getting unbanned, so just be honest with me.

since you were banned for hacking please send uncropped screenshots of the following folders:
- .minecraft Folder
- Mods Folder
- Version Folder
- Resource Packs folder
- Recycle Bin
- Desktop
2. i don't have anu mods
4. i download faitful
Please unban me last time :3 I don't want to play with cheats there, because i like this server and i want to buy a rank like IRON, GOLD, DIAMOND, EMERALD. Jackzter2000 be kindly, and unban me :3



Staff member
Looking at your folders it seems they were edited 25 minutes ago. seeming you were just on minecraft 1 hour ago I'm guessing that the reason of this being edited isn't " today I installed windows and all programs".
I'm guessing the fact that all your folders are edited is because you deleted your cheat that you were using.

appeal denied.

you may appeal again in 2 weeks.
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