Denied Ban Appeal

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1-My username is Deadninja1.
2-Reason Ban Evasion (Tornesal).
3-I did nothing wrong,
4-The person who banned me [Staff] nacato.
5-I think I should be unbanned because I did nothing wrong, or at least be told what I did.

I don't understand what I got banned for, Whats Tornesal?
I have no idea why I was banned, I have never done anything wrong. I worked really hard in this sever and have been trying to figure out how to appeal the banned, all I want is my account back, please. I would appreciate it very much if someone could get back to me, thanks, and Love your server! Sincerely, Deadninja1.
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Your Account (IP Address) linked up to another banned minecraft account named (Tornesal). Do you recall ever using MC Leaks, a VPN or let your friend use your account ?
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