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1. Minecraft Username: Juerj
2. Ban Reason: Hacked client folders on my pc
3. Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: I dont have any physical proof of not using the hacked client which was installed on my pc, however when asked to screenshare i was instantly happy to do so as i knew i was not hacking, i showed the mod my minecraft screen at the time, which proved i was not using any mods, I then went in to my folders to find there were old clients installed in there, however when going in to my versions folder there were no hacked versions, this meaning there were no installed hacked profiles connected to my minecraft account, just some hacks which were downloaded in to the minecraft folder itself
4. Who were you banned by: WMSR
5. Why do you believe you should be unbanned: I strongly believe i should be unbanned due to the fact that there is no proof of me ever using these old mods that were in my files from the past. The mods, were used on a private server with my friends which i used to troll them and mess about with on that world. I understand its hard to trust that i haven't used them as they're on my PC, however not once have i used a hacked client on this server, nor would i ever, also there is no actual proof of me doing so, and the fact that i have had to screen-share my files simply because some kid was calling me out because i beat him in a duels, where there was no actual proof, is rather annoying, I then went on to screenshare my game without logging out, which proves the fact that at the time of the accusation i was not hacking. Fair enough i should not have any files downloaded to get me banned but i just feel its abit unfair as i haven't used them in a long time, nor have i ever used them on the server, when screensharing to the mod i showed my "versions" folder, which did not have any hacked versions inside it, this therefore meaning that when loading up the minecraft launcher there isn't even a hacked profile there for me to load up and use, the hacks were simply just downloaded in to the minecraft folder, unusable. I have now removed all traces of hacks and hope that this situation is forgivable. I am truly upset with myself that i was stupid enough to think that just because i was not actually using the hacks i would be fine, I should have just thought about it and removed all traces from the past. I hope to be back on my favorite server soon as it would be such a loss to waste all the time, effort and money i have put in to this server due to some hacks being installed on my computer that i haven't ever even used on the server. However, most importantly to me, it would be a shame to loose some of the friends i have made over time that i have been involved in this server. Overall i truly understand the reasons i was banned however i think with a bit of reasoning you will be able to understand that i wasn't using any mods ever on this server, i wouldn't ever want to jeopardize my chances of becoming staff, ( theres no chance of that happening now ) and also i would never want to put myself in a position where i get banned for using hacks, however i understand if i am not unbanned as you're just doing your job and i respect that.

** I do not had a mods folder, hence there being no screenshot



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Your folders are in check, please make sure you do not have any unauthorised folders in your pc after this. Your ban will be reduced to 3 days.

Have a nice day!

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