Ban Evasion Appeal

1 EhsanMajeed07
2 Ban Evasion
3 I was Banned for absolutely no reason
4 i was banned by LucyferAngel
5 all i did was visit someones cell because they said first to come so my cell will get $10k and i visited and got banned instantly.
please today my birthday 3rd of september and i just wanna play my favourite game please ive been begging for days
oh my brother used to play on this pc and those are his accounts because hes been looking for alt acounts people dont use so he could play jailbreak and could you tell me how to delete them because he stopped playing got bored went to ps4 and plays Rainbow Six Siege so now this is my pc now and ive spent money on my account the same day i got banned so please tell me how i cant find the accounts on my computer and i would like to delete it ill send photos if you tell me and hopefully unban me
yes i shared it with my cousin and when i saw this asked to delete it because i remember him using mcleaks to get another account but he had my launcher so the free accounts that were banned from jailbreak was added to my IP or launcher
ive looked and have no accounts on my launcher except for mine but sometimes on servers it says welcome drippy which was the only account i remember
i cant talk to you on discord but i have recently learnt from my actions and will never use mcleaks its i wanted an account but they were banned anyways please unban me you it wont let me talk on discord so ill talk on this and the accounts are deleted so i have no contact with them