Choose what subserver you go to

I would like the ability to choose what subserver to go to when I go to /spawn. I don't know how many there are (I think it's 3), but yesterday I remember I put all my valuables (GPick, Shovel, Mine Airstrikes, etc.) in a chest at my cell, so that I could go to the yard for a shakedown. I then returned to /spawn, but it wasn't the same subserver, so the shakedown wasn't on. I tried repeatedly, and I got kicked a lot for changing servers too fast. Nothing major. Then, when I finally got to the right subserver, the shakedown ended.

Perhaps adding a menu when you use /spawn (Only when at someone's cell, not when you are already in a mine or at /yard, etc.) that appears much like the menu when you use /home, and shows info on the arena and shakedowns at the /yard would help. This will not break the economy, it will just help people and prevent annoyance.