Comprehensive List Of Things Players Want.


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1. PvP mine, apparently. Will that ever happen who knows maybe a staff member will reply with some answers
2. /ignore, I don't know why in the hell this is not working and I asked about it like a week ago. Also, I think it would be a fairly easy fix to do next server reboot. Why it is not available just boggles my mind, even more so why it has not been fixed with the server being up for weeks.
3. Auction plugin, I have heard a confirmation that this is coming so its whatever. Just wish it would be here sooner so when someone says "selling legendary crystal" the chat stops getting spammed with "1$?" by like 5 people.

There's the top 3 add more of them if you feel like it.


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An auction plugin like Auction House(AH) is much needed. It's a great resale market for crystals, cleansers and anything worthy of sale. I could go without /ignore since no one has been a burden to me; however, I understand others have been bugged by obnoxious players and could use the command. Finally, the pvp mine is a great suggestion as well! A great and competitive opportunity to obtain others loot! Would love for staff to look into these suggestions!


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This should be in #suggestions. But, yeah they're needed and have already been suggested several times. If they're going to add it, they will. Just be patient, I'm sure they've seen these suggestions.