Create Lottery

I think we should be able to have a so some people could win cool exclusive lottery prizes. I mean how cool would it be to have a winner every week for the lottery for whoever purchases a 1k lottery ticket.
Yeah, I guess but sometimes you have to be invited or wait for other players to be done to play in casinos. But if we have lottery it will give everybody a fair chance to win because it will be split between all players who buy a lottery ticket.


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-1 because there are those who will want to run their own Casino yet they won't be able to if a "lottery" where everyone wins ruins it. Plus it's funny since everyone who buys a 1k lottery ticket will get 1k back.. lol

1000 x 54 (random players) = 54000

*Lottery gives everyone back their money*
54000 / 54 = 1000
Me: /(-_-)\


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Plus if everyone's chances were split...
1000 x 54 (Players) = 54000 (That's total)
100 / 54 = 1.851
So each player would get 1.851 Chance to win... That's not that much. So let's say Billy wins the lottery. Billy gets 54k to do whatever with, and what do you think he's going to do with that much? Spend it on more lotto tickets of course.

Me(Running my Casino):
(<_>) *But nobody came...*


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I am not sure if it is such a good idea - I like the idea itself, I will also like to get some new items.
Currently, however, there is a trend to fight with lotobox and draws - politicians consider it to be gambling (lol)