Forum Game - Emoji Movie..?


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So basically there are a couple characters you can choose from (You can add your own) and I start out with a scene, and then you comment with a scene that corresponds to my scene and then someone does the same thing with yours and so on so forth.

YOU can make this is insane as you want to, but nothing that breaks the server rules please! :)

Bob | -(^~^)- Male
Sam | /(>->)\ Male
Logan | ~{e_e}~ Male
Tina | /(-n-)\ Female
Ashtin | <(^3^)> Female
Erica | .[$u$]. Female
Jeff | ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Male

Jeff was walking through the park minding his own business. Out of nowhere, he runs into Bob, his best friend. "Sup bob?" Jeff questions. Bob runs away... (Carry on the story)

Why did I make this? I don't know.


...and immediately crashes into a tree and goes unconscious. Jeff decides to help his friend and carries him to the hospital, where...


Veteran Inmate
the doctors think he has gone into a full on coma. As time goes on people trickle out of the room. Jeff is the last one in the room wondering what will happen to his friend, hoping he will wake up soon. As Jeff walks out Bob.....


Veteran Inmate
Wakes up and goes outside the hospital, steals all the sweet rolls and runs out the hospital doors as soon as the hospital's visiting centre is closed. Bob goes in a random car with the keys still inside, and drives away only to find himself in the act of crime. Bob keeps driving until...


Veteran Inmate
he stops and pulls over to begin feasting on the sweet rolls. While pulled over, 2 men hop into his car and tell him to drive. Bob was confused and he...


decided to make a run for it. As the two men were chasing him, he decided to throw the only things he had that would slow them down: The Infamous...


Veteran Inmate
Cheeseburger, the cheese slid him into his demise as he flew into a fence and flew into the air from friction and fell onto a trampoline bounced and fell into...


Veteran Inmate
a swimming pool with a family having a cookout where he met the the cheeseburgers cousins being cooked on the grill, he confronted the family and proceeded to...


Free the cheeseburgers from their untimely demise. Once they had all escaped the vicious family, they became friends and hatched a plan to...
capture a Tyrannosaurus Rex to achieve their ultimate goal of world domination. While they were coming up with this plan they were suddenly attacked by..


Veteran Inmate
Donald trump. Donal Trump overwhelmed them with confidence and phrases such as, “I love China” and “Make America Great Again”. The cheeseburgers and Bob were very confused. They were told somewhere the only way to defeat Donald Trump is with...
Nun guarded the baguette sword and anybody who came near her would turn to stone, so it was basically impossible to get the sword because it was in a different dimension, that was until....


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Bob used his burgers to distract the nun, sacrificing them for the baguette. Bob get's the baguette and slays the nun then...


Staff member
he walks outside and gets hit by the nun's mother's corvet. Then he flys from under the car surprising the nun's mother with his new developed superpowers. He stares at the mother and...