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Hey, I’ve recently come to the decision to quit due to lack of interest and some other factors.

I’ll be giving away all of my stuff here.

I will be giving away:
6 Million igm
My head :)
All my crystals including Common Rare and Epic
Loads of Keys (Dunno what you’re gonna do with 3 stacks of purple keys)
All my Cleansers and Repair Scrolls
And my soul

Here’s how to enter:
Why’d you like to win
Favorite food (why not)
Discord (So I can contact you if you win)
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The grind to F is rough and i have horrible luck when trying to get the right enchants for gpick's and gsets
Steak, Popsicles
Why you leaving :I
IGN: Psykko
Why: I'll hold onto your stuff in case you want to come back again.
Rank: P3F1 Diamond
Food: Phở
You got my discord big nob.
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Veteran Inmate
Most items will be used well or given to players that need it more than me that don't sign up for this giveaway.
The most perfect medium ribeye steak with garlic butter, salt, and pepper.


New Inmate

Free stuff? Naa, just hit E1 and by God is it getting grindy now... I'll use the items to help me get further and also give some of the stuff away in my streams I do as I give stuff away every single stream I do!


Oh my, what a choice... cheesecake or a lovely juicy medium rare steak!



New Inmate
I’d rather have more players stay on the server but it’s your decision :/

Username: Panpuri

Why I’d like to win: tbh kinda want just the gset since I haven’t created one yet and I’d like to have one handy to fight bosses and possibly participate in /yard shakedown! All the other items should be given to other players (by you) since I already have enough igm and other items.

Rank: F1

Favorite Food: Ramen fo sho

Discord: Panpuri#8461


Accustomed Inmate
Username: J1ng_
Why’d you like to win: Why not lul xd
Rank: F1 Gold
Favorite food (why not): potato chips and cookies
Discord (So I can contact you if you win): J1ng_#5728


New Inmate
Username: 1314520
Why’d you like to win: Because I want free stuff lol
Rank: B2
Favorite food (why not): Ramen
Discord (So I can contact you if you win): 1314520#0175


Veteran Inmate
Giveaways are always nice to win! Sad to see you go tho :|
P4 F1
Food is honestly whatever I'm feeling, but can't go wrong w some Thai Food :)
Ryu#6969 (this shouldn't change but if my nitro runs out and I don't renew, contact me on here if I somehow win!)


Accustomed Inmate
Sad to see you leave the server :( Hope you will have a nice life after Jailbreak :)
Why’d you like to win: I am kinda hard stuck in e mine from prestige and I mean honestly who doesn't want to win some free money :p

I am not gonna make up some story like I have a sad life and need money on the server to compensate atleast. :)
Rank: Diamond/Mod
Favorite food: Tacos
Discord: Skull#6790


Veteran Inmate
IGN: Miguel9738
Why you would like to win: I would like to win so I can get out of D after 6 months of playing and get myself a GPick. Sad to see you go. :(
Rank: D1
Favorite food: mmmm pretty much anything
Discord: Currently I do not have one. However, I plan on making one soon. Maybe dm me on forums?
My username's Fiiisk. ;))
Hopefully I'll have a chance to win some of it. I've been away for a week, so it would be nice to get something. <3
My rank's P1 F1, so I'm a big nub.
Lasagna is life, I'm basically Garfield.
Discord: You already got it, just slide in those DM's. ;)
i need it because i've lost all faith in humanity in this server i got bored of mining so i hope if i get this i'd feel motivated to get out of E rank
E rank
Sushi is great i go to a chinese buffet nearby to get sushi and it's great
Username: Diamond124
Why I'd like to win: I usually never win any type of giveaways, even the small ones. I keep trying to see if I can at least win one, and I'm putting a little hope on this giveaway, so finger's crossed <3
Rank: F1
Favorite Food: NY Strip Steak <3
Discord: Diamond124#8442
Username: Sakarah
Why i'd like to win: I just like winning... no other specific reason.
Rank F1
Fav food: A good crispy steak/fish with good cold sauce and surrounded by nice salad. AND POTATOES.
Discord: Iron y#2060
Username: NotAnAnimeGirl
Why I would like to win: I want your head to trade for Psycho’s head
Rank: F2
Favorite Food: Alfredo With Penne
Discord: juicy long dingle dong#9104
Who I want to win is because 1) I don’t have a gpick in d mine, and it would help me get out, 2) I would remember you by creating a shrine.
Rank D1
discord: Blackopsboss38#7284 (currently the anonymous turkey in the server discord)