Hmm Seems like i'm a bit late

Hello. My name is Ayhamb99, Although this isn't my ingame Username. You might remember me by the ingame name "QaissKiller" (Yes i know it's Cringy but i borrowed the account from a friend)
I was a very active player on the old TitanMC server on OP3...... I was Elite rank and was Prestige II Z.
I might not remember everyone who i used to know back on TitanMC so bare with me here.

Couple of stuff that i enjoy doing:
PC Building
Computer Programming
Welcome to JailbreakMC! I'm F1nally5 (as the name suggest) and never played TitanMC... Yeah, didn't play Java Edition till around a year ago. Now that I don't know what else to say I'm gonna press Post Reply. Welcome to the server! Enjoy your stay!