How do i make money fast?

I've been trying to rankup to B1 for about a week now. I've made a list of the best deals and have set up a shop but i have still been struggling to make money. I was hoping to see if anyone could give me some tips and tricks on how i can make money quicker.
Mine really really really much. No joke keep mining. And try to do all your challenges, each prison level can give you challenges enough to rank up 1.5 ranks approximately. And your gonna need the keys anyways. A little tip, if you want to mine for money, and don't mind grinding, use crystals on your pickaxe. If you wanna boost up to a higher rank fast, I would suggest selling your crystals. All depends on what stage you think you are on. use your gold/Redstone on clocks, and iron on anvils. If you make anvils/clocks, they sell for more than 13$/23$ profit shops do. How do you think those profit shops make money from buying ingots for 13/23. Simple answer anvils/clocks. So go do that, otherwise just play the game and have fun.
The more you play the further you get.
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If you get any legendary crystals or epic crystals, sell them till you reach C, they are worth a lot of money and will help you rank up quickly.


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Be sure to get your advancements done right away and if you find some legendary crystals sell them for around 50k depending on the percent and that will help you get out of A mine. In B mine, smelt sand and sell it for lots as glass. Also start working on a god pick.


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Advancements got me to B really quick. Don't really do a shop till you're at a higher level like B or C at the lowest. Mine a buttload too!


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My suggestion is to Mine. Mine. Mine. Mining gives you resources to sell, gives you rewards that you can sell, and if you have spare change, it gives you money just for breaking blocks. Also if you havnt done so, try and finish all your advancements. /adv