Denied IRL Scam

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so today I got scammed out of over 200$ by someone named AgentCody, Ive made deals with him before and he went through with them and everything was fine but I guess this time was different Ill let the evidence to the talking, He is also trying to frame it on me by editing the discord messages but the evidence will prove him wrong.

as you can see on the last screen shot he edited the message to make it look like I was scamming for that Ill send you all of the trades that went through as well as the receipts on my email
the two trades made as proof that I wasnt scamming but he was scamming me and was attempting to get away with it, As well as the discord screenshots showing him scamming me the email and password were fake and the trade was supposed to be ones for. For even further proof
I have this which shows him editing the message to make it look like he gave me the stuff when he didnt. what he owed me was all of his alts cell, Basically hes been editing every message that would have proof of a IRL deal and has been very crafty with deleting all messages that have to do with it such as shown here.


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first of all there is no player that plays jailbreak that is maned AgentCody. In this conversation jailbreak was not mentioned once and if he did edit messages how would we know what he said before editing them and that he was scamming you. after speaking with him it seems like this deal has nothing to do with jailbreak, especially considering the person you were doing it with doesn't even play jailbreak. Furthermore there is also no proof that this person you are speaking to on discord is the same person in game that you are claiming.
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