June 21st, 2019 - Double Mine Drops Weekend, PRIDE Kit & Crate, Name Tags Crate, Prestige Mine Buff + more!


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Hello everyone! Today we have some updates for you guys. We hope you enjoy them.

Double Mine Drops Weekend
We will be having a Double Mine Drops Weekend for this weekend!
That means that you have DOUBLE the chance to get an item in your /rewards when mining.
This includes all the mine drops; Crystals, Air Strikes & Mine Tokens! Get your mining on this weekend for double the loot chance.

Pride Kit & Crate
Pride Kit
We have added a ONE TIME USE [PRIDE] Kit for players to enjoy! This kit features include the following things;
x32 [PRIDE] Rainbow Colored Fireworks
x7 Banners, 1 for EACH Color of the Rainbow, totaling 7 Banners.
x1 Random % Legendary Crystal

As stated, this is a one time kit, so once you use it 1 time, you will not be able to use it again.
This kit will stick around for the rest of June, so claim it while you can by running /kit in-game!

Pride Crate
We have also introduced a [PRIDE] Crate which contains some new cosmetics & rainbow colored items which can be purchased from our webstore.
Once placing the crate, you will be given 3 out the possible 9 following items;
100% Legendary Crystal
$250,000 IGM (In-Game Money)
$500,000 IGM (In-Game Money)
ⓅⓇⒾⒹⒺ Name Tag
[STORE] Rainbow Player Glow
Dyed Blue [PRIDE] Helmet
Dyed Yellow [PRIDE] Chestplate
Dyed Green [PRIDE] Leggings
Dyed Red[PRIDE] Boots
This crate will also only be around till the end of June, so get it while you can if you like the items you see!

SUMMER Name Tags Crate
We also have introduced a SUMMER Name Tags Crate which is also available for purchase on our webstore.
The Name Tags in the crate do not represent summer, however, this crate is only AVAILABLE until the END of Summer. Hence the Summer in the name.
ALL of the Name Tags featured in this crate are completely NEW to the server and exclusive to this crate.
Once placing the crate, you will be given 4 out the possible 10 following Name Tags;
JEDI Name Tag
SITH Name Tag
Dark Red MAGIC Name Tag
Name Tag
Name Tag
Name Tag
Name Tag
Name Tag
(Peace) Name Tag
This Crate will be available only until August 31st, so if you like some of these exclusive Name Tags, purchase the crate before it's gone!

Other Small Changes/Additions
Prestige Mine Buff/Changes
We have switched out the build for the Prestige Mine to something more fitting.. So, for those of you with Prestige Mine Access, check out the new build!
With the new build, we also made the Prestige Mine a little larger and much deeper! This should mean the mine should run out sooner with many people.

Trade Master New Item Rotations
As per usual, the Trade Master has switched out his offered items for all of the shops this week.
Check out what items he is selling this rotation for Mine, Vote, PVP & Season Pass Tokens.
As a reminder, this is the FINAL WEEK of the Season Pass! There is still time to purchase the Season Pass and complete the quests, but you don't have too long.

Changing How /spawn Functions
We have changed the way /spawn functions when running it from the CELL servers only, this also includes when you join network in general, as you join in the mine servers.
What we have done: We changed it so that now when you join the server or do /spawn from a CELL server, you will be taken to your ranks MINE, instead of the central spawn point with all the NPCs.
Why we did it: We did this mainly because some players with a less than great ping/connection to the server would always lag for a couple MINUTES when joining the spawn. This was happening because the players were joining the world of their rank first, and then being teleported to the spawn world. This caused their client to freak out and lag them back anytime they tried to move. So, this was the best solution to fix it.
We assumed most people just mine when they go to /spawn anyway, so we didn't this was too large of a compromise.
Once you are at the mine, you are able to run /spawn again to get to the spawn world with the yard and game NPCs. Or, you could just use the commands associated with those NPCs from the Mine.
If you do not like this change, for whatever reason, tell us why on Discord and we will see what we can do.

CoinFlip Changes
We were tired of people not having any self control and losing all of their money gambling and then quitting.. So, we have DECREASED the max /cf bet creation from $10,000,000 to $1,000,000. The broadcast for wins will now happen at $500,000 instead of $5,000,000.
There is also a BUG which some users have when creating CoinFlips with custom bet amounts using the /cf menu.
Some players are unable to type after going to this menu. Sadly, this is a known bug that has been reported to the developer, but we cannot do anything about it ourselves.
We recommend creating CoinFlips by using the COMMAND instead of the menu. It's much quicker for you this way anyway.
If you don't want to encounter this bug when creating a CoinFlip, simply create it with /cf amount heads/tails instead.

We hope you guys enjoy the additions & Double Mine Drops Weekend. :)