Kryptonite New Gang Looking for new members!!!!


New Inmate
New Gang Named Kryptonite (Made on October 05 2018)
Fill Out!!!!
Age(Preferably 14+ but will make exceptions):
Discord(must have):
Rank on Server(Must be F1 but will make exceptions to very good E players):
Daily Play Time:
Daily Mine Time(Must be atleast 2-3 hours):
God Pick(Must have):
God Set(Preferably that you have one):
Name(IGN): AddyDaYTGuy777
Age:13 a little below but I'm pretty mature.
Discord Addy#1380
Rank on Server: Only [D1] but very active and will help a lot
Daily Play Time: Week days: 4hours weekends: 7-10 hours
Daily Mine Time: Weekdays:2 hours Weekends:5 hours
God Pick Yes I have one (Making a new one to sell)
God Set kind of but needs some work
-Thank you for taking your time to look at this. I know that I'm a little below average of the requirements but I promise to be the best I can.