Looking for builders for my creative faction!

Hey guys, I'm looking for intermediate - professional builders who want to just build together for fun.
The theme is historical medieval but there's flexibility for fantasy elements. I already have a small town I've built (I'll include pics in comments when I'm off work).
Again, I must make it clear that I'm inviting semi professional to professional builders only. This is simply supposed to be a team effort, the only restrictions being the theme and cohesive style. This isn't a serious project, just a build-while-you-have-time project. There is no deadline, and there is no end goal.
The name of the kingdom is Midland. Very generic. And the only real goal is to create a believable, semi realistic medieval kingdom. I also have lore ideas, but if others are interested we can have a nation role play dynamic with lords and kings. In fact, this is on a server that already has several other player kingdoms sprouting here and there. However the idea is if there are a lot of builders in one kingdom, we could take over the map. Its essentially kinda like a loose game of Civilization, but with just building and nation role play.