Accepted MattTheOnlyOG Ban appeal

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1. Minecraft Username: MattTheOnlyOG
Ban Reason: Unapproved mod (Schematica)
Do you have any proof against what you are being accused of: I was accused of hacking. (The staff member never /freeze me, and confronted me because of a private message I sent to another player who just killed me "Darn, I guess my hacks weren't good enough xD")
Who were you banned by: Wmsr
Why do you believe you should be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned for multiple reasons. Wmsr was 'stalking' my private messages, and admitted that the private message I sent to another player was the reason he confronted me for hacking. At this point I am still not frozen (/freeze). I let him screenshare me because I know I am not hacking, and I am brand new to the server. I did everything wmsr told me to do without any hesitation. I complied with every order given by wmsr and was told he would get back with me in a bit after looking into a few of my folders. At this point I though I was good, and then I get banned for "Unapproved mod." He told me that schematica was an unapproved mod, but I didn't know this since the only link on discord was to the main server rules and discord rules. I think this was very picky as I haven't been on the server for 30+ minutes before I get banned for something that I didn't have access to through discord.
Here is a screenshot of the rules page at the time of the ban. No link to the list of approved and unapproved mods for those who only use discord.
I also want to add that schematica is in no way a harmful mod or a mod that you are capable of injecting into anymore. If it's not allowed, I could have simply taken out of my mods folder and put it back in after I launched minecraft. No proof in game that I was actually using schematica.

The main reason I am so angered over this whole thing is because a Moderator was spying on my private dms, and has no proof at all of me pvping and no reasonable suspicion to confront me for cheating. So if I logged on and said in public chat I'm hacking, i'd get frozen for hacking when I haven't even been in a fight (just a scenario). It's just so frustrating that inexperienced staff don't know when to freeze people and how to actually screenshare them.

Big thanks to wmsr for spying on my private messages. I bet the whole server would love to know that their private dms are being looked at by staff, and that anything you say to anyone else in a private message can be used as reasonable suspicion to confront the player and accuse them of cheating.


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If you were reported for hacking and the report was accepted, screenshots of these must be included:

- .minecraft Folder
- Mods Folder
- Version Folder
- Resource Packs folder
- Recycle Bin
- Desktop

Please post the screenshots listed above, in this thread
It’s not the real labymod, it’s just the config I tried to edit. There’s no java file or launcher to it as you can see in all my other files and the desktop.


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Alright, your ban will be reduced to 4 days. Note that reduced bans are not appealable and you will not be able to appeal if you are caught violating the rules again.

Have a good day!

Accepted, Locked
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