Accepted my ban appeal, please take a look.

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1. minecraft username : pnanipple
2. ban reason: illegal deal
3.Proof against accusation: no
4.Banned by: Alternia
5. why do you believe you should be unbanned:

im sorry for my actions as i was unaware that this was a viallation of the rules i have now revised all the rules of the server and i am ready to be a good prisoner, and would love to be able to be given a second chance to play this amazing server again. if i am to be unbanned i will be doing more things to help out others aswell as i was already doing this before hand, such as hide and seek for cash prize, riddles and more.

date of ban was october 08 2018
(sorry for being late :D)


Staff member
As Alternia isn't a part of staff team anymore, I will be the one handling your appeal.

Considering it's been around 6 months from your ban, I'm sure you had time to think about your actions.

I will accept your appeal, but don't make me regret this decision.

Accepted & locked.
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