Resolved MY G-PIC

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OK so as i was mining i throw a common mine air strike down and as i do that next i put a Leg. crystal on my G-pic. As the thing was rolling picking an enchant, my air strike sets off giving me a ton of items leaving no room for the G-pick which was still rolling. When i expected it to drop from my inventory it completely vanished leaving me with nothing.

And no i do not have a picture of my pic or a video of what happened but if you can plz get it back to me i would be happy because it was my only pic, and it had like a ton of enchants on it.

I wont be playing the game again until i get my pic back ive enjoyed your game and i hate to quit

plz get back to me as fast as you can

Sorry but i dont want to seem like im lying trying to pull one of you but here we go

All Leg enchants at 3 (except unbreaking)
(Explosive and super breaker at 4)
Repair 2
Spare change 2
Freeze 1

And i just started using it, never repaired it, it was like at 1/2 durabillity

Thanks for your help, i hope you believe me and at least i get something from out of this, after losing my pic =(
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