Mythic crystals? (idea)

Is this a good idea? Or is it bad?

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So i have an idea for mythic crystals, Maybe it would have a enchant that makes the useless blocks (Cobble, Sand, etc) For when you mine it, it's diamonds..?

I don't really know any other enchant idea, But it'd be cool, If you had the diamond enchant, (I'll just call it, Mine diamonds?)

Mine diamonds 1 = 5% chance of mined item being diamond.

Mine diamonds 2 = 10% Slightly higher chance.

Mine diamonds 3 = 10% But with the added chance of emeralds (5%)
also for mythic crystals there couldnt only be one enchant. Also is mythic better than legendary or better than epic and worse than legendary
there could be an enchant that lets you absorb money in the mines. Like if someone has spare change and youre next to them you get 10 % of the money they got. however there would have to be something to prevent afking